IBS Rainbow Waterfall

IBS Rainbow Waterfall Script

Remove Symptoms of IBS

IBS Rainbow Waterfall HLTH35 

IBS is a distressing condition that has many possible causes, but most commonly is associated with stress. Stress is itself associated with unresolved emotional issues. Dealing with the emotional problems reduces the stress,

This script uses four metaphor visualizations to allow the sufferer to let go of, to 'wash away' the sources of their distress. There are three 'training' occurrences, followed by one specifically targeting the IBS symptoms. If your client knows of some specific issues that relate to the IBS, then you can insert them into the first three metaphor trainings.

Then there is another metaphor visualization of loosening some sort of constriction that has been holding the stress in. The final section gives general ego strengthening suggestions about health and control and future capability.

Extract from IBS Healing Hands Script

Varying Emotions Visualization
Somewhere out in the country by a Lake. And you find yourself on the shores of a Lake.
And there are mountains and hills and trees. And it's a lovely day. And as you look across the lake, you think about those mountains.M
And the mountains rise and reach a peak and then go down again, and then up to another peak and down again.MEmotions
MemoryMaybe you remember climbing up a mountain, or a hill, and how hard it is, the constant up and down, how draining it is, exhausting, and goes on and on.Empathy with issue
CapabilityAnd you begin to think about your life in its ups and downs. And you begin to realize, it doesn't have to be that way.IReframe
Because you have got to a stage of your life when it's time for you to take control.ISeed Control
It's not about controlling other people. It's not about refusing to be told what to do.
It's about deciding that you are going to take control of your own life. And how you feel.I
And if other people tell you what to do, trying to tell you what to do, you just think to yourself "I don't do that". And you just let it slide off you.
And you can realize that other people are trying to tell you what to do because of their problems. And their problems are not your problems.
CapabilityAnd you can just might find a way of moving along. Like just deciding to come down off that hill.
And thinking about that… you begin to walk along the shore of that lake. And you just walking along aimlessly.
And you go around a curve, and there in front of you is a great pile of rocks. And a waterfall. And there is this waterfall coming down in many different streams.MBoulders = problems
And you decide you are going to visit that waterfall.Changing
And you start to climb over these boulders.M
CapabilityAnd some of them are quite tough and some of them are quite big, but you realize that you can climb over anything with a bit of care and effort.Reminder of mountains
And you move from one to the other.Progress
And then finally you are standing on top of these boulders, these big rocks. On top of the biggest one.Success!
And, to your delight, behind the boulders is a pool. A lovely pool of water. And the waterfall tumbling down into it.Reward
You look around, and there is no one for miles. It's just you and the waterfall and the day.
MemoryAnd you decide, to hell with it. I'm a rebel. I can do what I want. Nobody tells me what to do.I
And you go down towards the edge of the pool.
And to your surprise you just feel compelled to take off your clothes. You make sure there is no one else around, and you just drop them off.Strip off old ideas
And you are naked.
As you feel the air on your body, you feel like laughing. At last, in this place, the promise of freedom.Time to change
Waterfall Change Metaphor
And you step into that pool, and to your surprise it's quite warm.
You take another few steps into the pool up to your knees… then another few steps… and is up to your thighs. And you just let yourself relax backwards.
And you are lying flat, floating in that warm water. Floating safely on that lovely water.K
BehaviorAnd you think, "it's time to change. I wonder how I can do that?"IIndirect quotation
And you drift across towards one of those bits of waterfall that are coming down at the side, not the main bit.
And you decide to get underneath it like a shower. And you find you can stand under it.
1st emotional cleansing
. . . . . . . .
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The rest is in the IBS HEALTH COLLECTION
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