Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

How to find your past lives

Past Life Regression

This past life regression hypnosis script shows in outline how to do a past life regression. The first section is an extended hypnosis induction designed to get the client ready to visit their past lives. A first regression tests her childhood recall in this life to ensure that she can go back to a previous life. That way she knows what to expect during the actual past life regression experience.

Then the script guides the client out of this life into a place where past lives can safely be experienced. She is offered three opportunities in her past life regression session to go to previous lives. It ends with giving her an option to go to the place between lives.

Like all past life  regression, this is a fascinating insight into the human mind's abilities.

Each past life regression session will be different. So this script is a guide to what to do, rather than something to follow exactly. Your client will respond differently. However, if you follow the structure of multitple inductions and deepeners, then the test regression and then the repeated offers of going back through past life regression this will insure that you are doing it correctly.



OK [clientname]... Are you feeling comfortable?Yes set
Are you ready to go into trance?Yes set
If you want you can lower the chair back.Yes set
Yep, I will actually.
OK. What I would like you to do now, [clientname], is just take a deep breath. Take a deep breath... and hold it... That's good.... Just make yourself comfortable... that's fine... and when you are in trance... if you want to move... that's OK... you don't have to feel you must stay there, if you want to scratch your nose or whatever you want to do, that's OK ... just allow yourself to be comfortable.
So take a deep breath and hold it... and then when you let it go... let go all the tension you can... Just let it go... that's good.Invoke the para-sympathetic response
Now take another deep breath and hold it. And this time let go all the tension in your shoulders and in your arms... just let that go... that's good.
And now take a third deep  breath and hold it... and as you let it go this time just really relax... just allow yourself to completely relax....  That's very good.
Now just resume breathing normally.Permission bind
And as you breathe... just become aware of your breath going in and out of your nose, and going down your throat... and how comfortable you can feel... just being aware of that breath... and with every breath out... you can become more relaxed... more at ease... more comfortable... that's good... just allow your breathing to slow down,... relax more.... slowly... and now just allow your eyes to close when you are ready...when you are feeling nicely relaxed... that's right... and with every breath out... you can say to yourself... you can hear a voice in your head saying... more and more relaxed... deeper and deeper... that's good... that's very good... that's right...Self induction induction
and you don't have to do anything [clientname] ... you don't have to think... , you don't have to... listen... You don't have to do anything except just allow yourself to lie in that chair feeling warm and relaxed and comfortable... and just become aware of the feeling of the chair against your back and against your head... and how comfortable that can be... and then maybe you can become aware of the fabric under your fingertips... and you  can think about that as you go deeper and deeper... and you are lying in that chair breathing gently... becoming aware of the chair... and the sound of my voice... and part of you mind is wondering whether you are going to go into trance... while another part of your mind is aware that you are already going into trance.. and you can go into trance and you can relax... and part of you can stay aware if you want to and the other part can allow itself to go deeply and deeply into trance ... Deeply relaxed... and every breath is still making you more and more relaxed... deeper and deeper... and you can just let yourself go...Dissociation Deepener
just feel yourself supported in that chair... And I wonder if you can imagine yourself sinking into that chair... being supported... safe and warm... and just feel yourself going down and down... down and down... and just feel yourself as if you are lying on a big fluffy blanket... warm  and safe and feeling really good about yourself... and going deeper and deeper... and just imagine yourself sinking into a big fluffy mattress... and with every breath you sink deeper into it... more and more relaxed... that's very good to do that ... isn't it?Kinaesthetic Deepener
And I wonder if you can imagine a big old house somewhere... and it's got doors and windows and a fence and maybe there's trees... and in that house... generations of people have grown... and go on... And the house  has seen parties and weddings and christenings and funerals... and there's been meals and fights and laughs and candles and Christmas trees and Easter eggs... and children running around laughing... and people coming home and going out... and it’s a happy with childhood memories
And inside that house... there's a staircase... and that staircase can be wooden, or carpeted... or marble... anything you want... and there can be a handrail... and you can go down that staircase... because at the bottom there is a door... and behind that door there is something wonderful... and you can begin to go down those stairs now... and we will count them down together...Countdown deepener
So TEN... going down the first step... and NINE down again... and EIGHT ... more relaxed... and SEVEN more relaxed... and SIX feeling completely relaxed... and FIVE deeper and deeper...each step is taking you deeper down... and THREE deeper and deeper... and TWO nearly there... and ONE nearly at the bottom... and after one there's just ZERO... nothing... and in the centre of that zero there is a warm velvety blackness... and  you can feel yourself going deeply into that velvety blackness... a feeling of nothingness... total release... floating... and you can feel your self drifting down... like a leaf carried by the wind... drifting left and right and right and left... down and down... floating and swirling... round and round... down and down...pace with breathing rate
 and you don't have to think... you don't have to do anything... and any thoughts that come into your mind you can just watch them wander away... they are not important... nothing is important... and my voice can be the voice of a teacher... or a parent... or someone from the past... My voice can be the sound of the wind in the winter long ago... or the rain against a window in a far off place... on a dark night... and my voice can be the sound of  a leaf blowing along an empty street... and my voice can become anything you want it to be...Dissociation
And now I would like you to find yourself in front of a door... and when you are in front of that door and you are ready to go on I would like you to signal to me by moving a finger or a thumb that just lets me know that you are ready to go on.
[slight twitch of thumb]Confirmation of trance
That's fine. Thank you.
What color is that door?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - The rest of this script is in the Paranormal Scripts Collection - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Go back to that place where the mist and the fog is... and from there you can go safely and securely back up through that crystal clear water and back up to the boat...and you find yourself lying in that wonderful comfortable boat... and you are lying on cushions... and you drift out into the sunshine... and you find yourself drifting along... being carried by the current... until you find yourself once again at that jetty... and the boat nudges in there... and you tie it on to the jetty and you jump out...
and there's the gravel path and you hear your feet crunching on the gravel and you can feel the gravel under your feet and the trees... and as you walk away from that you see a road up ahead... and so you leave the gravel path and you go onto the road... and you start walking along the road and you realise this is the road you walk along every day... this is your every day road that leads to your house... and as you walk along you can think of all the things that you talked about today and all the things you experienced and remembered... and the lessons and the skills and the gifts you got... and maybe you can begin to wonder how to use those gifts... what would be best... or maybe you will just keep them... because you have touched other lives and they have touched yours... and you have a long long life to live and many other things to do ... and I think you can see your long life stretching ahead of you... a life of happiness and success... a life of achievement, friends and family... a life where you look after yourself... healthy eating and exercise... a life where you take intelligent risks and get on and do things that no one ever thought you could... that you never thought you could.. It's a wonderful life stretching endlessly before you... like a long summer's afternoon...
and with that thought in mind... you can begin to come back to the present and I am going to count from five up to one... and when I get to one... not yet... when I get to one... you'll be back in the present feeling great... and remembering everything that happened vividly... so beginning to count now... FIVE... FOUR beginning to feel feelings coming back into your toes and fingers... THREE... getting ready for a big stretch and a smile... TWO eyelids fluttering... head moving face laughing smiling... ready to come back... ONE EYES OPEN... back to the present.



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