Change your past

Change your past

Interactive Technique to change your past

Change your life

This interactive hypnosis script uses a special form of regression. It goes back to childhood, but it does not try to get the person to find a memory. What this hypnotic regression script does is to focus the attention on the thing that the person will not look at, the thing they refuse to remember.

The Uncovering the Past script takes the client back and uses a metaphor to permit them to gradually and safely get to the thing that is really driving their behavior, and deals with it symbolically. They never need to confront the actual memories. Then the therapist can use any hypnosis technique to sort out the issues that underlie the problem.


Uncover the past
and as you are lying there... breathing gently... feeling heavy... relaxed...pacing
imagine you are going down a long corridor....V
and each breath is taking you deeper and deeper down that corridor now...Deepening
and you can go deeper still... safe and warm and comfortable...Reassurance
and as you go deeper... you are getting the feeling of leaving behind all the things in the present... they are not important right now...Dissociation
what is important is drifting away... down that corridor.... drifting back...deepening
back to your
Memoryand in this state you can remember many things... you can become aware of things that have been hidden away for a long time... things that might be frightening or painful, or that are avoided...Priming the unconscious
And when you are in this state... you will find that these things cannot harm you... nothing in your own mind can ever harm you...DReassurance
and in that place...Dissociation
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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