Chakra Sex Foreplay

Erotic Hypnosis using Chakra Sex Foreplay

Release your inner woman with Chakra Sex Foreplay

Chakra Sex Foreplay Energy Centers Stimulation

The Chakra Sex Foreplay script is designed tune in the female energy centers for orgasms and better sex. Hypnotic sex is stronger and more intense. This erotic hypnosis script puts your woman into trance and turns on her sex drive with Chakra energy. The Chakra's energy centers introduce the female body to the full range of sexual energies.

Everyone has Yin and Yang elements. So everyone has male and female connections within them. There this script is not restricted to one Yin and one Yang. The Chakra Sex Foreplay script allows any combination of partners to seek and release their female sensuality.

Using  sexual hypnosis enables her to experience her own sexuality more fully. The Erotic Hypnosis Chakra Sex Energy script will bring on female orgasms only possible with hypnosis. A hypnotized mind si open to every sexual impulse you can suggest. Women love the Erotic Hypnosis Chakra Sex Energy script and will be begging you to use it again.

The chakra erotic hypnosis script starts with skin to skin induction, and focuses her mind on your touch. Each touch makes the woman more aware of her body's sexual response, and as you stroke her body at each chakra point you use hypnotic suggestion to increase the chakra energy. Her sexual energy increases until she comes to a full female orgasm at your slightest touch.

Chakra Sex Foreplay Script

Set upComments
[The person being hypnotized should be lying in bed or on a couch, relaxed, warm, and wearing not much. The person doing the hypnotizing needs to be positioned so that various parts of  the head and body are in easy reach.]
As soon as you are comfortable... close your eyes and relax....
take a deep breath and release it... and again.... become aware of where your arms and legs are... how they are lying... let them lie there... tired... heavy...
in this exercise you are going to become aware of your own sensuous body.. of energy centers... of the effects of gentle loving stroking on the energy centers in your body... and how your sensuous sexual body responds...
Explain the Erotic Chakra energies
In your body there are seven chakras... These seven chakras are not physical, you cannot see them. But you can sense them. Think of them as spirals of spiritual energy... each a different colour... slowly turning... spinning... rotating.... creating animal energy... and these chakras are connected to the sexual energy centers of your body...V
And I would like you now to become aware of these spirals of living energy... feel them turning in your body ...K
CapabilityWhat you can do now is to relax... and start to think about your own sexual energy. About how much you enjoy your own body... being ready for a new experience... become aware that there is a greater cosmic energy that fills us all... that links us back to the very earliest times... and that this energy flows through us all... from the top of your head... all the way down through your body and out into the center of the earth...
I wonder if you can feel that energy is flowing through you now...I
are you ready to relax and go on a journey of exploration? Are you comfortable? ready to connect to all the sexual energies deep within you?Yes Set
- - - - -
- - - The rest of the Chakra Sex Foreplay script is in the Erotic Collection - - -
- - - - -
and as I am stroking between those lips... each tiny stroke makes your more open more eager... more sensitive allow yourself to be totally free and open and ready... totally feminine... pulsating... energy flooding out... opening like a flower...
and then something entering in... into that warm wet welcoming place...
[carry on with the sexual activity....]




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