Emotional Release

Emotional Release Technique

Change how you feel by how you think

Emotional release therapy technique

This emotional release hypnosis script is for people who feel bad and don't really know why they are feeling grumpy or difficult or why they are hurting themselves and the people around them. That sort of behavior happens when some event, or something somebody does to you, triggers old feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, injustice, or whatever, and that sets off a cluster of destructive behavior.

The emotional release technique script is especially useful for emotional problems such as where client has started drinking again, or some other self destructive behavior they thought they had left behind comes back and they don't really know why.

This emotional therapy script is a version of the Affect Bridge. You get the client to feel the bad feelings and then to visualize those bad feelings as a thing, an object. But instead of doing regression, by changing the object they are actually changing their feelings. They get direct emotional healing for their emotional problems. A powerful modern technique.


Preparation and Seeding of feeling BEFORE trance
Now before you settle down... I want to think about the things that have been happening in your life that have been causing you distress... become aware of the feelings that you have been having... bring to mind now... how everything seems to be wrong... negative... and consider to what extent it actually what is happening in your own mind that is the problem... that in fact that you are projecting on to the world some inner turmoil... some bad feeling that is present in you when you are in that state... an unhelpful way of thinking... which has been caused by external events reminding you of old feelings and attitudes old pains old worries.... and think about the events leading up to when you started to feel bad that way...IIndirect suggestion
in particular think about ...
[describe the issue or behavior that brought them here. Make sure the emotion is brought out and they are in touch with the feeling that goes with the unwanted behavior.]
Can you feel that feeling now?
[keep describing and evoking the feeling that underlies the unwanted behaviour until the person confirms that they are feeling it.]
[Induction goes here. This script has an original induction that sets up the expectations for the rest of the session.]
Hypnotic Transformation
and relaxing even deeper... I want you to allow your mind to drift around... to drift around to the feeling you got... a feeling that things were not right and you couldn't address them... a feeling that you were [name whatever it was, repeat and expand the feeling until you are sure that the client is experiencing it. ] Beginning the Affect Bridge
Allow yourself to get in touch with that feeling... think about the feeling... become aware of that feeling of [name the feeling]
and as your drift in that place now... being in that place really allows you to get in touch with those feelings... to become aware of those feelings... to allow the feeling to come up... to make itself known...
and now imagine taking that feeling... and going down a long dark corridor... taking the feeling with you. And as you go deeper and deeper down that corridor.. that feeling gets clearer... more defined... you begin to get an appreciation of exactly what it is...Permission to examine the feeling
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The rest is available in the Clinical Hypnosis Scripts collection
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And you become aware of everything that has happened in that place... and staying deeply in that relaxed state... your body is completely relaxed... knowing that in that place... nothing can harm you...and you have the ability to step aside and look at things from a different perspective now... to choose what you want to have happen... and just let it happen...
Capabilityand when you are done you can either continue sinking into a deep blissful sleep and wake up when you decide to... or when you are done... perhaps you will just find yourself... in a happier place...=
and slowly counting to yourself quietly from ten up to one.... and when you get to one you will be back in the present... and everything will be different....Reorientation
so take as long as need... as long as you want... to continue in that place... doing what has to be done... and choose how you want to come out..
so take a deep breath now... and go deeper on that journey... as if you are wrapped up in a cocoon of healing light... and nothing outside will disturb you at all... until the time comes that you decide to come back to the present.



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