Healing waters


Rinse off the past and clean your soul

Healing Waters: change your past change your future

The Healing Waters script uses a water theme throughout. A hypnosis script to give you the power to change, to show you how to let go of your past and choose a better future.

It uses water as an induction, water as a deepener, and uses a magic waterfall as a metaphor for granting you the power to change. The second part develops the water metaphor and flows into a special place where bad memories take on a form that can be molded and changed, a place where you use the power to change things and those things change you.


Healing Waters Hypnotherapy
And now let your mind drift to a place where you can relax.... imagine a pool of water... trees all around... a place of tranquility, calm... a secret place just for you...V
a place that is warm and comfortable... a place where you can forget everything...V
And then think about relaxing in that pool like lying in a warm bath.... and everything arranged just the way you like it... everything you need around you...Reassurance
and lying in that soft warm water... feel your body floating... weightless... supported in the water...K
Memoryand you are reminded of feelings... safe, and calm and protected... warm and comfortable... nothing to think about... nothing to do... just relaxing in the warmth...
And in that place... Imagine the feel of soft hands caressing your forehead... smoothing out all the cares and worries of the day...K
And in that place there is a stream of water... running down some rocks... and that stream becomes a waterfall... a shower of clean clear water splashing down into a pool...Metaphor
And you can go into that pool... and under the waterfall... and feel the clean mountain water on your head and face... feel it running over your body... and feel that water taking away all the strains... the tiredness of the day... washing away the tension... making your skin tingle...
and in your mind you can sense the water turning into light... light of different colors... and in that magic place that light enters your skin... a healing light... soothing and releasing...V
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[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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