stop bad habits

Stop Bad Habits Hypnosis Script

A script for any breaking habit


This script is designed to stop any Bad Habit. It is written as a general purpose script for any bad habit. You can substitute [Nail Biting] or [Scratching], [Blinking] etc., into the parts where it says [Bad Habit] and it becomes a script for any habit.

It is intended to be used where a client has had treatment, has stopped the habit for a time, and then felt compelled to start again.

How stopping bad habits works

The script works because it uses the techniques of anchoring and visualization. It links the client’s inner strengths and personal beliefs to external triggers. That way, when the external event happens, they are reminded of their own power to stop the bad habit.

The script uses three different anchoring strategies. One section uses a physical metaphor to anchor feelings of determination to squeezing their fist shut. One section uses the idea of a Magic Word. This is associated to a visual metaphor. It reminds them that they have the ability to succeed if they feel temptation to start again. The third section uses an anchor between a color and the desired situation. A post hypnotic suggestion uses the color as a constant reminder that you can succeed in not doing the habit any more.


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