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You can't change the past, but you can change how you remember the past, and how you let it affect you. That means there is a way to stop comfort eating. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of releasing old hurts and emotional abuse. Old issues often create anxiety that leads to comfort eating. This script is designed to get rid of things that happened by allowing you to re-experience the past.

It uses a metaphor of a mirror in a room. The mirror reflects an image of what happened long ago, and allows the person to see it as if it was happening to someone else. Distancing yourself from the action changes how you experience the past. By doing that you can watch safely as things unfold.

The metaphor sets up the old event, then switches focus to a different view. This allows the person to uncover old things that they might not even be aware were a problem. By visualizing those things differently, you can move on in life. Once you are given the power to change the past, the new perspective takes over. Remove the origin of the anxiety, and the comfort eating stops.


and as you touch that wall... your mind is drifting back in time... to a long time ago... to time when something happened to you... that has never been cleared... something that should not have happened to you... the way it did... something important that it is time to change...leads to the problem
and you come to a window... and you look in the window... and you are looking into a room...Mmetaphor room = life
and in that room there is something going on... something important... and it is a scene from your own life... something that has affected your life... and you can watch as this scene appears in that room... you are a spectator... just looking... watching... as if it was happening to someone else...Dissociation
you can see everything that is going on... the people... the place... you are aware of how you feel... how it affected you... something that hurt you is going on in that room... you can see it, experience it... as if it was happening right now...revivification
But on the back wall there is a mirror... and that mirror is reflecting what is going on in the room... but you can see the room and you can see the mirror and the room in the mirror...Double dissociation
but as you watch... as you are looking through the window... the mirror starts to get bigger... and in it things get clearer... and the things in the mirror somehow are not exactly the same as the things in the room...magic resource for change
CapabilityAnd you realize that because you are looking in the room this time... things are getting changed... and you realize that you can see the room and you can see the mirror... and you can influence what the mirror shows... you can make things in the mirror turn out differently... turn out the way you want them to... the way they should have turned out...Power to change the past
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