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Virtual Gastric Band for weight loss

Surgery for weight loss involves tying a band around the stomach to reduce its capacity so that people can only hold a small amount of food. This Virtual Gastric Band script uses hypnosis to convince the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted. The script uses the virtual experience  of going to a hospital and feeling the band being fitted. With the hypnotic band in place you will feel full with just a mouthful of food.

Virtual Gastric Band can be an effective therapy for weight loss. As well as convincing the client that they have had an operation the script includes further reinforcement. It includes sections on being confident around food, parts therapy for weight loss, forgiveness of the past, ego strengthening and hypnotic visualization of weight loss.


memory And your mind can drift away to a place... far, far away... a place where you feel relaxed... where you feel comfortable... always... and think of what the place is like... what other places there might be that you make you feel comfortable... maybe a beach at twilight... or a favorite chair... or snuggled warm in bed on a stormy night... or maybe floating in warm water... allow your mind to drift over these things and other things... whatever feels right for you... as you drift ever deeper... enjoying the feeling ... nothing matters... nothing is important... just being in the moment... let your mind empty...
Virtual gastric binding operation section
and you find yourself lying on trolley... in a corridor somewhere.  And there is a cloth draped over you... you are warm and comfortable... dreamy and dozy... completely relaxed. You can smell the clean smell of antiseptics... and crisp fresh linen...V
and you know that today you are going to be changed. That when you wake up you will be different... you will feel different. You will be starting a new life...DPriming
and there are figures in green around you. You feel a hand on your wrist briefly... and then people by the sides of the trolley you are lying on. You feel it moving... and you are vaguely aware of noises around you. ceiling lights going by... and the sensation of rolling...V
and as you are being pushed along... each passing object makes you more disoriented.  you begin to feel yourself slipping ever deeper. Everything becomes quiet and calm... and a sense of expectation growing in you...>
and then you sense being in a room ... with a big light above... but you don't care. Nothing seems to matter to you... you are relaxed and drifting.  Happy that finally it is being done...I
and somehow you sense something happening on your tummy. you feel something being spread on your skin... skilled hands are doing something... and a sensation of pressure.You can sense rather than feel that something is happening inside you.K
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The rest of the script is in the Weight Loss collection
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