Ignoring Snoring

Ignoring Snoring Hypnosis Script

Hypnotherapy to deal with a snorer

Hypnosis turns snoring into a quiet night

Ignoring snoring hypnosis is a sound strategy. Many women find their partner's snoring stops them getting a good night's sleep. In fact, there is no reason why it should. People can sleep on trains and on boats bouncing around in the sea or with fire engines roaring past outside. If people expect to be able to sleep, then they will.

This script is designed to allow the person who has to suffer a husband's (or wife's!) snoring to feel safe and comfortable so that she can sleep through any amount of snoring. The first part works by reframing the meaning of snoring, changing it from an annoyance to an assurance. The second part teaches the sufferer to use the snoring as a method of self-hypnosis to get to sleep.

The script given here is designed to be recorded and played back by the sufferer each night as she settles down for sleep. It can easily be adapted for use in a face to face situation.


 And as that little family lies there... curled up safe inside their home in the hollow tree... they warm each other by their bodies... snuggled up in a pile... and all breathing together in that space...V 
 memoryFeeling that warmth... and the others breathing... reminds them all that they are safe and secure for the night... nothing can harm them... and they can dream on through the night...M 
 And in that cottage... there is a couple sleeping... snuggled down under the covers... breathing gently... legs entwined... bodies touching... warm and comfortable... happy and content to be sleeping there...V 
 And as long as they are both there... they know they are safe... looking forward to the new day in a few hours... but for now... relaxing and enjoying being close... breathing in as he breathes out... sensing the warmth... knowing that closeness that comes from knowing each other... trust and love and contentment... all wrapped up in that act of gently surrendering to sleep... sleeping, touching.. breathing together...Mbreathing = companion-ship
 And as long as you can hear the breathing... you know he is close... you can snuggle in and feel that warmth... another body breathing with yours... it means you are protected... you are wanted... just like long ago when you were a little girl curled up safe on someone's lap and went to sleep... head against a chest... hearing the heartbeat... feeling the breathing... strong and firm... knowing that she was being looked after... that it would be all right... to sleep>breathing = security, love
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 The rest of the script is in the collection  
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