Photo Album Hypnosis Script

Photo Album Script

Delete bad memories forever

Photo Album Hypnosis Script

The Photo Album Hypnosis Script is a hypnotic visualization that lets you leave old stuff behind, to let go of the past and move on with your life. It is especially useful for weight loss hypnotherapy.

The Photo Album Hypnosis Script allows your mind to go back and change memories. You can alter things that happened, things that were said and done to you, and are still hurting now.

The hypnotic metaphor is about going into a room full of old stuff, and finding a photo album there, and using your the ability to change those photos. Deleting them deletes all the old things that are affecting how you feel today.


 Photo Album Metaphor Visualization  
 and I wonder if you can imagine being outside a room somewhere... the kind of room that gets filled with stuff that people can't throw away, but don't have any use for...MOld stuff collected and stored
 and you can go into that room... safe and secure... Safety
 and in that room there is a book... a big book....MMetaphor object
Capabilityand you can open that book... and it's a kind of photo album... but this album is special... this album contains every important event in your life... but it is more than that.. it is a multi-media album... there are pictures and sounds and videos... in there is everything you have done... everything you said.. everything ever said to you that affected you... hurt you... made you feel bad... everything you have seen... everything that was done to you... it's all there...  
CapabilityBut this is the book of your mind... and in this state... now... at this time... you can change your mind... you can change what you remember... what happened... what was said... what was done to you... what you lived through...D 
Capabilityno matter what happened... you can change it now....D 
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 [The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]  
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