time heals all

Time Heals All Metaphor Script

Hypnotherapy to alter past issues

Time Heals all things

Time Heals All is a two part hypnosis script for letting go of the past and the things that hurt you. The first part has a short induction then leads the client deep inside a hillside to place where they can allow their fears and issues to become solid. There is an option to allow the object to change or to transform it into a rock. The second part uses a metaphor to eliminate the rock.

The Time Heals All Hypnosis Script suggests that even though things may seem permanent and hard to shift, everything changes with time. The visual imagery generates the idea that what appears unchangeable is actually gradually changing all the time.


Induction Section
MemoryI wonder if you can imagine being on a hillside... on a lovely day...VDissociation
just close your eyes and imagine being there now....
imagine that you are lying on a bed of soft grass... and begin to relax... smell the earth and the clean air... feel the sun warm on your face... a breeze carries the smell of cut grass... insects hum and far away a bird calls...VUtilize all senses
now focus on feeling your arms and legs resting, relaxed... heavy... imagine your body is heavy... tired and heavy...I
with each breath.... feel yourself drifting down and down... imagine you could sink right down into the earth.... imagine it is like a well or corridor going down into the earth... and you can feel yourself drifting down... deeper and deeper...D
and each breath relaxes you more and more.... and you can allow yourself to go deeper and deeper into that place... going down that shaft...I
and going deeper now... down and down.... deeper and deeper... relaxing more and more deeply....D
you can drift down and down... as far as you want to... as far as you need to ... until you come to some place where everything opens out and there is space...
and in that place... you can allow your mind to drift... to feel that issue, that thing that has been bothering you... to allow that issue to take a form... to become present in a way that you can sense...
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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