get more confidence

More confidence Remove anxiety 

Find and destroy the source anxiety

Increase Confidence Remove Source Anxiety

This script allows you to get more confidence by removing the source of anxiety that takes away your confidence. It uses three inductions to make sure the client is really in deep trance. Then it gives permission for the unconscious mind to find the source of the anxiety. Metaphor therapy identifies the anxiety  and removes it. With the source of the anxiety gone, the reason for the lack of confidence is gone too. So you get more confidence immediately.


And in that relaxation, you don't have to do anything.

You don't have to worry about anything. You can just allow your mind to slow everything down.

And as you do, you could become aware of that mind. Hunting, searching deep inside your body, searching inside your mind, looking for that thing that makes you lose confidence.

Going deep inside, to a very long time ago, finding something, everything, that has to do with lack of confidence.

And your mind finds that thing. Deep inside.

Hidden away. And makes you aware of it.

And you can think of it as an object. Something that is down there.

Deep, secret, tied down.

Tell your mind now, to take that thing out of there.

And that thing begins to move up from out of the depths, and all the things that are holding it down, holding it back, holding it in place, those things are now snapping, like old rubber bands, stretching, falling away. And that thing has now come loose.

Now  your mind is bringing it up, bringing it up from those depths to a place where you can imagine it clearly.

And maybe you recognize this and what it is.

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The rest of the Get More Confidence script is in the collection

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