Spirit of Time

Spirit of Time Hypnosis Audio

Listen to your mind Find your true goal

Dream back to the past and meet the Spirit of Time

The Spirit of Time MP3 - A hypnosis download for a spiritual journey to find wisdom from those who have gone before. This download consists of a visualization taking you back to the past where where you learn what your ultimate goal is and how to achieve the things you need.

You travel back into the past over a bridge where your ancestors are waiting. They pass something on to you and you then start a new journey. This takes you through various places where you are tested to overcome the things that have been holding you back. Finally you reach your destination where you uncover what the future has in store for you.

This metaphor guides your mind to find parallels with your current situation and your unconscious finds there the resources you need to succeed.

Start your personal journey with this Spirit of Time MP3 hypnosis download.


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