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Weight Loss Hypnosis Scripts

Weight Loss is the biggest problem today

Weight loss hypnosis scripts can help get eating under control

A good set of weight loss hypnosis scripts is essential for every hypnotherapist. Almost half the population are overweight today. This isn't just a cosmetic problem, or a matter of personal choice. Being overweight increases your risk of health problems. Obese people increase their risk of coronary heart disease, are more likely to have high blood pressure, and more likely to suffer a stroke. They also have a lower life expectancy overall.

Virtually nobody wants to be overweight, but it is still the biggest public health problem we have. Obesity and smoking are the two biggest causes of avoidable death in this country. Smoking responds very well to hypnosis. And done the right way, bad eating habits can also be altered. There are many causes for being overweight but the majority of people who struggle with their eating have some sort of psychological issue.

Weight loss hypnosis scripts can help get eating under control. Some people snack too much, some people binge, and some people swear they eat almost nothing and still pile on the pounds. You need different scripts for each type of eating problem.

This collection of scripts offers a way out of the cycle of overeating, feeling bad about it, and then overeating again because you feel bad.


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13 Eating Problem Scripts, + 3 bonus scripts

Gastric band hypnosis script

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis. Gastric band hypnotherapy persuades the eater that they have had an operation to reduce the size of their stomach. Believing that they have a smaller stomach prevents bingeing and gradually reduces weight.

End Emotional Eating

Better eating control script. A script to use when the client eats when they are feeling out of control. The script is based on anchoring and visualisation. It aims to break the link between stress trigger and eating.

The power to stop eating

Change your relationship with food. Get the power to resist temptation. A hypnosis script to change the way you think about food. The strength to say no.


Weight loss parts reframe

Explore the parts that are making you eat. An NLP technique to reprogram the part of you that needs to eat. Reframing that part will stop it responding to stress or anxiety by eating. 

Weight Loss Visualization

See yourself with the body you want. Three visualisation metaphors: drop the old issues holding you back; see yourself slim; and step into your new slim bod

Night Time Weight Loss Script

Stealth Hypnosis to lose weight. A short script you use while your partner is lying in bed at night. As they go into trance you are suggesting changes in their eating habits directly into their subconscious.

Motivation to exercise and diet

The most common request is motivation for exercise and diet. This script uses multiple techniques to create motivation. Get the client convinced that they can and will get moving. 

Stop comfort eating

Remove the origin of the anxiety, and you can stop comfort eating. This powerful metaphor allows you to re-experience events of the past as a reflection in a mirror. You can then change those experiences, and move on in your life.

Deep relaxation weight control

Relax into the right frame of mind. A script that takes the client deep into the center of their own mind. Use your own unconscious to change your attitudes and beliefs about eating.

Direct suggestion weight loss rules

Scientific rules for losing weight. A script of direct and indirect suggestion for getting and keeping better eating habits. Drives the rules into the subconscious mind. Anyone who follows this advice must lose weight. 

Stop Eating Chocolate

Make it taste disgusting and you will stop eating chocolate. Any food addiction can be eliminated through multi-sensory visualization. Get the person to link the idea of eating it to the most disgusting thing they can imagine. Then they will never eat it again.

Remove eating triggers

Remove the unconscious reasons for eating. To remove the eating triggers get the client to feel the bad feelings and then visualize them as an object. Change the object and you change the feelings. A modern version of the Affect Bridge for weight Loss.

Self hypnosis for weight loss

First understand what is making you eat. It is not the behaviour that is important; it is what motivates you to eat when you know you shouldn’t.  So focus on what it is that happens in your mind just before you start.

Bonus Scripts for Weight Loss clients

Self confidence hypnosis script

Learn how to be confident. The script restructures how you think about being confident. It changes social situations from being a place where you are afraid and uncomfortable, to being a place where you have a job to do. Doing it well produces the confidence you need.


Library of Discovery

A Clinical Metaphor of a journey to self discovery.  In the Library of Discovery you find the book of your life. You can read the past and write in what you want to happen next. This script will help you erase the past and create a different future.


Weight Loss Checklist

Intake form and Weight loss checklist. The origins of over-eating are complex. This weight loss checklist makes sure you don't miss anything important. Find and use every resource your client has.



Hypnosis Weight Loss Scripts


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