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Direct suggestion for better eating habits

Most people who are overweight already know all there is to know about proteins and carbohydrates and everything else to do with eating. Most of them could give lectures on it. Lack of information is not the problem. They already know what they are supposed to do.

What weight loss clients need is to have the rules drummed into them. It is not enough just to tell them what to do. They need to have the rules driven deep into their unconscious mind so that they obey them.

This script uses a series of direct and indirect suggestion for getting and keeping better eating habits. Each of the better eating strategies in the script is based on scientifically proven evidence. Anyone who follows this advice must lose weight. The script is a way of making sure that the client cannot avoid following the rules.


Better Eating Habits
And you follow these simple rules to lose weight effortlessly... repeat these in your mind to lose weight effortlessly...
 capabilityEach time I sit down to eat... call up this feeling of total relaxation before I begin...relax before eating
I now eat slowly and mindfully... I make myself conscious of the food I am eating ... its taste... its texture... its feel... knowing that it is doing me good...mindfulness
 capabilityI focus on the first three bites, really paying attention to what I am experiencing, so my mind believes I am full.Focus
I chew my food slowly... and thoughtfully... at least 12 times per mouthful... and really notice the taste of what I am eating...chewing
I put my knife and fork down between mouthfuls... and only when I have swallowed and waited for my mouth to clear do I have the next mouthful...pacing
I always use the smallest utensils I can... smaller spoons mean smaller mouthfuls...Smaller utensils
And for one meal a day, I hold my utensils in the opposite hands to remind me to slow down and enjoy my food.Swap hands
I sip water between bites so I never confuse dehydration with hunger.water
I try to eat with others... conversation slows down my eating...Company
I add spices and hot sauces to wake up my brain and focus on the taste.Spices
I drink water with my meals because it makes me feel fuller faster.Drinks
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The rest of the script is in the Weight Loss collection
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