weight loss visualization

Weight Loss Visualization Hypnosis Script

Visualize a slimmer lighter you

Weight Loss Visualization Script

This script has a long induction section. It uses several different methods and two deepeners. Then it tests to let you know the client really is deeply in trance. The test also convince the client that they are in trance. This makes the client more open to believing in change. The double test convinces them that this time things will be different and it will work.

It uses three different metaphors to clear past problems: Reflection, Shedding problems, Mirrors. The script then builds their confidence, creating the feeling  that they can change, and that now that they know what they want, it will happen.


 Metaphor section  
 And your mind can take you on a journey… and you can imagine perhaps… a land far away from here… a land of high mountains and deep valleys… a place of farms and roads and fields… rivers…V 
 memoryAnd in that place there is a road.  and you find yourself going along that road…. And as you go along that road you realize it’s a familiar road.  But you really don’t know how you got on it… you are really not sure how you got there… or where it is going.  
 And you realize that as you are going along this road, the road is unwinding.  but nothing much seems to be happening. and you begin to think of it all as a terrible waste. ambiguity 
 And you do you realize it is like there is a weight on you … it is like there is something dragging you down… holding you back… some thing that you just want rid of… First metaphor
16:08As you go along that road, that feeling gets stronger and stronger… that you need to get rid of something… that there’s something just not right…  
 You come to a bridge over a river… and you go on to that bridge and you look over the side… and there… in the dark water below… you can see a reflection…  
 You can see a reflection of your own face… and you look at that reflection… and you really look at that face… and you think… is that how I want to be? Is that how I planned this to happen? What can I do?  
 As you watch…. To your surprise… the image begins to change… the image begins to smooth... and the folds under the chin disappear… and the cheek bones are standing out… and you realize that you are looking at yourself… at your ideal weight… exactly the way you want to be… and can see clearly now… that is what you want… exactly what you want…VVisualiz-ation
 And you think ‘How do I get that?’  
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 The rest of the script is in the Weight Loss collection  
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