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Weight Loss Interview Checklist

Weight Loss Checklist and intake form

Explore all the opportunities and barriers to weight loss

To replace the beliefs the client has about eating you need to first identify what those beliefs are. You use this checklist make sure you cover every relevant aspect of why, when and how the client eats. The aim is to identify what it was in their early life that made them feel bad about themselves. Once you identify the root cause you can deal with it by Regression and Inner Child work, by Core Transformation, NLP, Focusing, Metaphor Therapy, Cognitive Therapy or Direct Suggestion.

Weight loss therapy needs to pay special attention to the environment in which the over-eater grew up. So find out what was happening in their life when the problem eating pattern started. Successful weight loss therapy usually succeeds when it removes or reframes the beliefs and attitudes coming from this time.

Weight Loss Checklist for self esteem

Most weight issues are actually about self-esteem. The real problem is often a core belief that they are just not good enough. So they might as well eat because it won't make any difference anyway.

Any stress today reminds them of how they felt growing up. Eating allowed them to feel better for a while, and they are still trying to use that cure. Fix how they feel deep inside, show them that they can handle today’s stress by fixing the original source of stress, and the client will sort out the eating habits by themselves.

Using the checklist can identify resources the client already has that might be utilised for direct suggestion. These answers provide a unique set of targets and resources to use during hypnosis. It is a good idea to send the list  to the client before you meet them. Tell them that they just have to read the questions, they do not have to write out answers or anything. That way they have time to think about it for a few days and this will often bring to the surface ideas and feelings they have not thought about for years.

In the office, you would not normally ask all these questions directly as laid out here. Most of the information will come out naturally as the client describes their eating behaviour. Just look over the check list to ensure that no potentially useful areas are missed.


When did you start being overweight?Environment
What was going on in your life at that time?Environment
Have you ever been able to lose weight?Motivation
How did you lose weight then?Motivation
How long were you at that weight?Resource
Why did you put it back on?Trigger
Have you ever had bulimia?Control Issues
Have you ever been anorexic?Control Issues
In what situations do you eat badly?Triggers
What sets off the eating?Behaviour
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The rest of this checklist is in the Weight Loss collection
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