Deep relaxation weight control

Deep relaxation Weight Control

Relax Lose weight eating anxiety

Deep relaxation weight control Script

Deep relaxation weight control is based on getting you to go deeply into trance. In deep trance the client is encouraged to relax profoundly to the point where everything seems possible, and there are no limits. When the client has achieved deep trance the script encourages the listener to explore their own emotions. The listener is guided to find and reverse any negative beliefs, and to start the process of approving and validating themselves.

The next stage addresses eating problems directly. Because the client is in deep trance, all suggestions go directly into their unconscious mind. The script suggests ways of better eating, and healthier eating. The client is guided through visualisations of eating behaviour and better attitudes to food. There are also suggestions for better ways of dealing with cravings and automatic responses to stress.

The last part of the script is an extended metaphor. This suggests that the client is floating on a healing light and can feel the light throughout their body. This slight then transfers to them the power of letting go their excess weight. This is followed by the suggestion that the body is now ready to let go of the weight and to eat properly and naturally.


Now feel this relaxation flowing down to your upper arms.  Let all the muscles in your upper arms go completely relaxed.  Let this relaxation flow down to your elbows ... to your lower arms...Arms
flowing down to your hands and fingers.  Your fingers are completely relaxed, totally relaxed, and you don’t even feel them, that is wonderful.Hands
And the more you relax the more your body naturally feels heavy and peaceful and calm.Deepener
CapabilityAnd right now you are feeling peace, calmness, enjoying the quiet energy all around you, just by letting things go.D
CapabilityAll the organs of your body can renew themselves, get new energy, new power when you simply let things go... doing absolutely nothing ... simply relaxing...V
all the stress, all the tensions of the day are leaving your body and mind.D
Now, let your chest relax.  Release any tension, any pressure from that area.  Far away, feel the gentle beat of your pulse... like the wings of a tiny bird, taking you deeper and deeper...KChest
MemoryAnd as you let go... let go of emotions from the past, negative emotions, any kind of past negative experience, you can simply let them go. Let any hatred, anger or restlessness let go... relax your body and mind completely.>Release old feelings
MemoryYou are doing just great, and remember that the past is past, so allow any negative emotions to flow out of your body ... release that negative energy from your mind.  Feel the exchange of peace and divine blessings.KRelease old memories
And within that calmness...  forgive others and forgive yourself.  Forgiveness can feel wonderful.  When you forgive rightly you feel the peace and energy gathering within.DForgiveness
Right now, focus on feeling wonderful... think about any pain you are holding...  and forgive those who caused it ...  feel the energy and blessings of forgiveness... because forgiveness is about you... about making things right... about making you right...   right now... letting go of that pain...DReleasing pain
And now let the relaxation flow down to your tummy.  Picture all the internal organs relaxing now. With every breath you are you are feeling lighter...  a new energy a new peace of mind.Abdomen
BeliefAnd now allow that natural love for yourself to emerge...  because you deserve love and the moment you experience that love... your body and mind become one... in perfect harmony.>Giving Love
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