Stop Eating Chocolate

Stop Eating Chocolate hypnosis script

Make chocolate Food taste disgusting

Stop Eating chocolate with hypnosis

Many clients who are overweight say that that they are addicted to some food, like ice cream or cakes or chocolate.  They say they could stop eating chocolate if you could just make it taste horrible.

This Stop Eating Aversion script uses hypnosis suggestions to make the chocolate taste bad. It creates aversion suggestions for all the sensations of sight, smell, taste and texture so the smell is nauseating, the sight is repulsive, the feel is horrible and the very idea of eating chocolate makes you want to vomit. Every aspect of eating chocolate makes you want to get away from it and stay away. The Stop eating chocolate Aversion script makes even the idea of putting chocolate in your mouth revolting.

The script can be easily adapted to any particular food, not just chocolate.


Behaviourand you reach to get the packet... and even as you think about the packet... as you open it, you begin to feel nauseous... you begin to feel a wave of bad feeling coming out of that packet... you see the chocolate there... and it just makes you want to vomit... just the touch of the chocolate is revolting...
and imaging holding that chocolate it seems to be some slimy living thing... like a snake coiling round your arm trying to get up to your mouth and you just throw it away...M
you throw it on the ground and you stamp it out... you stamp it into pieces and grind it down.. and that makes you feel safe..> power
and you throw the chocolate away... you throw it away some place where you are free from it... where it will be destroyed...M
and you walk away feeling relieved... and that horror you were feeling in your mouth... and you imagine a sink and a toothbrush and brushing your teeth... and so clean... it feels right...V action
and just the thought of it makes you feel ill and you reject it... and walk away...
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