stop smoking regression script


Regression for stopping smoking

How to use regression for smoking

This script is an example of a stop smoking regression script. It shows how to use the hypnotic regression method to stop someone smoking, or rather to stop them from starting again. The majority of clients need only one session to stop smoking but some habits are more persistent than others.

This client had already been for one session to stop smoking, along with his wife. He and his wife both stopped smoking immediately and with no cravings or side effects, but after four weeks or so he began to think about smoking again, and in fact bought a pack of cigarettes and smoked some, much to his wife's dismay and anger.

After four weeks without cigarettes, all the nicotine had left his body, and all of the possible triggers had become extinct, so the only reason he would want to smoke again was because of an continuing belief about smoking.

The regression therapy was used to find, identity and then remove that unconscious belief. The regression process was embedded in a long metaphor about scoring goals consistently. The metaphor chosen used rugby because the client was a fan, but any sport could be used. The script is broken into sections but was delivered in one continuous session.


You can alter old behaviour
And I would like you to answer me by allowing your unconscious mind to become aware of your hands... and if you really want to succeed ... if you are determined to succeed I would like you to signal by raising a finger or a thumb or maybe even a hand...
[Await signal]
That's are ready to succeed... D
And in a moment I am going to ask to speak to your unconscious mind... your unconscious mind looks after you... your unconscious mind has been looking after you all your life... whatever it does, it does to your benefit... and it's unconscious mind that is keeping you from starting again... missing those uprights... and so [clientname] I'd like to ask you... would it be OK if I spoke to your unconscious mind? Would your unconscious mind speak to me?Parts therapy
You can say 'Yes' or 'No'... just allow your unconscious mind to...
Thank you... that's good...
I would like to thank you for looking after [clientname] so well... for being there for him... 24 hours a day... for bringing him to where he is now... and you can either let [clientname] know what we are talking about... or you can choose not to... Is that OK? Permission
Now I would like to ask you about this smoking business... are you willing to speak to me about smoking?
Find the initial sensitizing event
MemoryGood. I'd like you to go back to the day... about two weeks ago... something like that... when [clientname] decided he wanted to have that first cigarette... and I would like you to become very aware of the reasons for that...Regression
... now [clientname] may not be aware of them himself... but you know... and I wonder if you can... tell me why he decided to take that cigarette? What you thought it was doing for [clientname]? Why did he feel he had to have that cigarette?
Long silence
Maybe you can allow him to remember a time in the past when he felt the same way... and maybe you can bring that memory to mind now... and let it talk about how he felt at that time... when there was something he felt he knew he shouldn't do but he was going to do for whatever reason... and find another time situation like that one... and when you have found that... just say 'Yes'.
That's fine... so... what is happening in that situation? ... describe what is going on...
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The rest of the script is in the Stop Smoking collection
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