Stop Smoking organ script

Stop Smoking Organ Script

Listen to your body


The stop smoking organ script is a very unusual script. It asks you to listen to your own body and hear what your organs have to say about your smoking.

This script works by separating the person’s behavior from their identity. It lets them get in touch with individual parts of their body. It lets them hear what smoking is doing to them.

Each part is allowed to make its feelings known and demands to be listened to. Everyone is perhaps aware on some level that they are made up of parts that have to work together, and that everyone is made up of many minds. It is a very old idea and is accepted intuitively by many people.

It finishes with a series of post hypnotic suggestions that instruct their body to rebel against any attempt to continue smoking.


  Therapy Section  
CapabilityNow in this state you become aware of many things.
You can become aware of all the different parts of you that make you who you are.
And you know that all of you has to be functioning right for you to feel right.
Every part of your body has a job to do. Every part is dedicated to making your life as long as possible. Every part wants to do its part.
And you know that some parts of you are not functioning right, because they are being poisoned by smoking.
  Direct Suggestion Section  
RuleYou maybe don’t know it, but there is a set number of breaths that your lungs want to have. You don’t know that number, but your lungs do. And your lung desperately want to reach that number.I
And you are stopping it.D
Your lungs never asked to be filled with smoke or clogged with tar or smothered in poisonous gasses.
Your smoking is stopping those lungs doing what they are programmed to do. Your lungs are struggling and gasping and coughing… and you never give them a thought.
What do you think your lungs would say if you could hear them? Say about you sending smoke down there. Killing them.
Maybe it’s time to listen?
 Parts therapy  
So become aware of your own lungs. Think of where they are… how they feel…KLungs
Now ask your lungs what they would say if they had a voice?V
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