Natural Confidence

Natural Confidence Hypnosis

You can learn how to be confident

Show Natural Confidence in social situations

This Natural Confidence script reframes the client's perception. It changes the perception from fear of being judged and criticized, to having a task to perform in every social interaction. The task is to put other people at their ease, to make small talk and get them talking. By giving the client a task to do the client's focus changes from internal focus to external focus.

You don't have time to worry about what the other person will think, because you are busy assessing what aspects of the other person to comment on. Because you are forced to actually look at the other person, the act of looking is a trigger for a post hypnotic suggestion to kick in. The post hypnotic suggestion specifies what you will actually  see are signals that confirm the other person's warm felings towards you.

Natural Confidence replaces old personal beliefs

The script also addresses your core belief issues. These are usually about feelings of inadequacy, a feeling of never being good enough. These are replaced indirectly by overhearing remarks that the you has actually arrived at where they are supposed to be. The message is that you can stop striving because you now have reached the right level of performance for you.

Then you are given an action metaphor for leaving behind all the things that were holding you back. Each of these metaphors can be used on their own for other types of problem. The final sections relate to common situations where confidence is needed: only one is given here.

The therapist can use none, one or several of these depending on the client, and other scenarios can be added to address specific problems.


You can learn confidence
BehaviourBefore you go into a new situation you take a moment to stop and imagine how good you will feel,IVisualization
Capabilityand that imagining makes you feel confident because you know as you begin to feel good about yourself your confidence begins to grow.>
IdentityYou are filled with confidence.D
And I'd like you now to think about some situation you might find yourself in where you need confidence.Rehearsal
It could be at work, or a social situation, or something else.Covering every possibility.
CapabilityThink about all the ways you can take control of that situation and how good that makes you feel. Imagine yourself dressed exactly right, saying the right thing, using the right gestures... fitting in with what others say, what others expect... showing you are in command of yourself, getting respect. See yourself looking good. Hear your own voice, confident, sure, convincing. Feel how you stand, how you move, how you smile..Rehearsal
Experience that feeling that comes with total confidenceSensory
How good does that make you feel? What part of that do you enjoy the most? Now I'd like you to double that feeling...and double it again.Fractionation
Bind Expectation
CapabilityAnd get used to that feeling because you have the confidence to get that feeling more and more from now on.>
BehaviourAnd always in situations like that, some little thing you see or feel, reminds you instantly that you have changed now, and you begin that process of building more confidence on your confidence, growing ever more confident.Anchoring
You are in control now
RulesYou feel in control and sure of yourself in every situation.
You evaluate the situation before you choose the best way to react.
You always use the right words and gestures to match the expectations of the other person.
. . . . . . . .
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The rest of the script is in the collection
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