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Clinical Metaphor Therapy

Clinical Metaphor Therapy addresses the client directly. The story is about what the listener does. The listener is put into trance and then told that they are doing some action. The client might be trying to cross a bridge. Or perhaps climbing a path up a mountain. They maybe trying to fight their way out of some place that they feel trapped in. The essence of the clinical metaphor is that is happening in the client's subconscious mind right now. By the end of the action your client has learned how to do something to get out of their situation.

A clinical metaphor can be tailored precisely to each client's needs. The metaphors listed here are complete as they are, but you can add to them, you can change things, you can make it exactly what your client needs.

A clinical metaphor is different from a reframing metaphor. In the clinical metaphor the subject is the client, and the client does all the things described. In a reframing metaphor the client is an observer. The client is told about what someone else did in a situation. It is then up to the client to take whatever message they think the metaphor contains. In a clinical metaphor the outcome is quite precise and clear. The client comes out of the situation with some new ability, resource, knowledge, or belief.

Build your perfect house metaphor

This is an extended metaphor about rebuilding your life. The story starts with a woman who is vaguely unhappy, but doesn't know why. She decides to build a new house, her perfect house, and on the way finds herself, and exactly what she wants from life.

The Country Store

Store of Memories deals with childhood memories and leaving things behind, allows you to recall your memories through the senses of sight, sound and touch.

Parts Therapy Meadow

This metaphor uses Parts Therapy to allow you to let go of stuff you no longer need. The metaphor induces a light trance and then leads you into your own mind. You find a magical meadow and the place where all the parts of you live. Then when a part that wants to change is ready, it comes out and you float it away.

Fear of Failure metaphor

The fear of failure metaphor shows how deal with irrational fears. It uses NLP techniques, hypnotic suggestion, and visualization  to release old fears and leave you feel free to succeed.  Fear of rejection, fear of success, social anxiety, procrastination are all fears that can be helped by this metaphor.

Bridge to Freedom Metaphor

Bridge to Freedom is a powerful set of metaphors to allow people to break old habits, old beliefs, old ways of thinking.. You can use it to stop smoking, to stop over-eating, nail biting, obsessing about the past. Anything where the client needs to leave something behind and start a new behavior.

Feeling Trapped

Feeling Trapped metaphor deals with the common nightmare situation of feeling trapped with some bad thing coming towards you and no way out. You are able to find a resource you already have and use that to get free.

Silver Frames

Silver Frames is about an old person coming to the end of their life and looking back, putting past hurts into perspective, and think of how much is left.

Worry Garden script

The Worry Garden script is an extended metaphor for removing stress, similar to the Worry Tree.

Public Commitment

Describes a situation where the person makes a commitment to change their behaviour in front of all their friends and family. This public declaration stops the client from backsliding in future.

Rewrite Your Future

The metaphor takes you into a room full of books. Some are ancient and some are brand new. Each books is a life. Your life is there too. You take down your book and open it. You read it, and then you write the ending.

Change your past

This metaphor allows you to see any incident from your past in a mirror. Then it gives you the power to change what you see in that mirror. 

Relax and let your stress go

A guided metaphor about relaxing on a tropical island. Visualization and metaphors of floating, dreaming, flying all contribute to letting go stress. Like taking a vacation.

Float away your aches and pains

Imagine you are floating on a cloud. Far above your everyday cares. Relaxed and receptive. Experience a healing light that touches your body and makes changes deep inside.  

Choose your destiny Catalogue of Magic

Choose from the catalogue of magic. The catalogue offers you four different ways to make the changes you need. Which method would suit you best? Make changes to your life the way that works best for you.

Spirit of Time

Go back in time to another place and meet the wisdom of the ancient ones. Allow your own mind to journey back in order to learn how to go forward. Cross the bridge and discover where you are going.  



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