Spirit of Time

Spirit of Time

A spiritual journey to find wisdom

Spirit of Time - a  spiritual journey to your true goal

The Spirit of Time metaphor takes you on a spiritual journey to find wisdom from those who have gone before. A metaphor visualization taking you back to the mystical past where where your ancestors tell you what your ultimate goal is and how to achieve the things you need.

You travel back into the past over a bridge where your ancestors are waiting. They pass something on to you and you then start a new journey. This takes you through various places where you are tested to overcome the things that have been holding you back. Finally you reach your destination where you uncover what the future has in store for you.

This metaphor guides your mind to find parallels with your current situation. Your unconscious finds the resources you need now to succeed.


 Therapy section…  
 I wonder if you can imagine a land far away from here… a place of mountains and valleys and trees and streams… a place of magic and mists and memories… VDissociation
 Memoryand you find yourself walking along a road… and there is a strange dream like quality to the experience… you feel warm and safe… calm… and all round you everything is peaceful… and yet ….there is a feeling in the air…. a feeling as if something is about to happen… and all around everything suddenly goes quiet…. and up ahead there is a mist…. and that mist comes towards you… and you feel yourself enveloped in that mist… and everything is grey and formless and quiet…
and suddenly ahead of you… you notice a crossing… like a bridge to the other side… and you somehow know that you should cross over here… that crossing is there for a reason…. that it's there, now… specially for you…
 VSetup the entry point
 and you start on to that crossing… and as you do…. it is as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders…. something that has been affecting you for a long time now just isn't there any more… as if you have been dragging something along with you and now it's gone… as if you have stepped cleanly out of an old set of clothes… and you have this feeling that you have always been wanting to cross that… to the other side… and you feel strangely free… for the first time in a long time….ILeaving behind
 and on the other side of the bridge you find yourself following a path…. leading you on… and up ahead…. two figures… it looks like a man and a woman…. are waiting for you… and as you get closer you can see that there are other people there as well… smiling… looking at you, happy to see you… and the feeling you get is… acceptance… welcome… completion… as if you have come home…. to this place…. after a long journey…. even though you have never been here you know this place … everything feels just right… it is as if something has finally been settled…Ithe Meeting
 MemoryAnd you look at the man and the woman… old and wise faces … and there is a stillness about them… a wisdom… an inner calm… and their faces seem familiar…maybe a family resemblance… you realize you might have seen these people before... old photographs… vague stirrings of memories… from when you were very young… and you look around and you somehow know who all these people are…IMeet the ancestors
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 The rest of the script is in the CLINICAL METAPHOR COLLECTION  
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