stop smoking tape measure

Stop Smoking Tape Measure Metaphor

A time line approach to stop smoking

Measure your life to change your past

This script uses a tape measure metaphor to implant the idea that smoking is damaging your health and that your body deserves to be clean and free from smoke.

The metaphor is of a tape measure representing your life. Some of the tape has already been exposed, but the rest of it is still in the casing, still clean and bright.

The script emphasizes that dirt and smoke has affected the tape, but that it can be cleaned off. You can choose to not allow the rest to get dirty.


 Measuring Tape metaphor
MemoryI wonder if you have ever been involved in redecorating a room? Maybe hanging wallpaper or measuring out carpet or curtains or something like that?Dissociation
RuleIt's always important to look at the whole design, isn't it?Truism & Tag
MemoryAnd usually when people are measuring a room they use one of those expanding tape measures... you know the kind... there is a metal tape and you pull it out from a sort of metal box with a spring inside... and all the tape is wound up inside the box, and when you let the tape go it all sort of rattles back inside...Dissociation
And as you know, if you fix one end and you start pulling, more and more tape comes out... and maybe you could imagine that tape laid out across the floor or something like that... and pulling steadily... and the tape would stretch out...Dissociation
and when you look at it... there is a starting point and the tape stretches all the way up into the box in your hand... and you don't really know how much more tape is in the box, do you? M Life
You would only really know by pulling all the tape out to the very end.
And when you think about it... your life is a bit like that, isn't it?Metaphor
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