stop smoking motivation


Stop Smoking Motivation

Motivation to stop and stay stopped

Many clients who want to stop smoking say they need some motivation to get through the first few weeks. The Stop Smoking Motivation script uses an unusual effect, a story based on a woman going to consult a hypnotist. That then leads to a magic place from childhood where the reason for smoking is discovered and thrown away.

Then a second metaphor is used to create self esteem, to reverse any problems from childhood that might be preventing stopping smoking. This returns to the first metaphor of getting rid of the problem and reinforces it.

Finally the session finishes with a direct suggestion self esteem section and the power to give up.


[Do your usual induction]
Metaphor Story Section
I wonder if I ever told about this woman I knew... about your age... and she was not feeling really happy in her life... she was wondering why things hadn't worked out the way she hoped... she felt she had done everything that she should have done... and yet still it wasn't workingMetaphor
and she wasn't really sure what it was she wanted anyway... but she knew that the way she was living now just wasn't it... there had to be something else...
and so she went to this guy.... and asked him what to do...Resource
memoryand he said.... 'Well... you know... you really have to go home... and look inside that house... look inside that place where you have lived all your life... and you will find the answer there'.Ambiguity instruction
And she didn't know what he was talking about.
But she went home anyway... she went to that place and she started thinking about the whole of her life and how things had worked out... about her parents and growing up.... meeting people... about how she got a house... a partner... and her family and her children...
and she realized there was some sort of gap there... and she began to look into the gap... to think about it... and in that gap... she noticed that there was a way in... a way into that...
and so she found a way to get into the gap... she squeezed into it... and got through to the other side...
Find the problem and discard it
and she found herself in this really strange old fashioned sort of house... and there were rooms everywhere... and as she looked at these rooms she realized that one of them was the earliest room she could remember.... it was where she was when she was a little kid...Metaphor object
and then there was another room after that... which was a bit older... it changed and there was the kitchen she remembered... and the hallway... and looking around she found there were all these other rooms...Links to childhood
and then she noticed something she hadn't seen before... there was a door there. Like a door to a cupboard... or a closet.. something like that..New resource
and she thought... 'I have never been in there'.
and she opened that closet door... and it's quite small inside... and there was a box... like a big toy box or something... or maybe it was tool chest... it is hard to see in the dark...
But there was this box...and it had her name on it... and she thought... it must be mine!
and with a feeling of excitement, she opened this box... and inside was all sorts of stuff that she had forgotten about... and she picked out the first thing... and it was a favorite toy from long ago... and she remembered seeing that.. and thought 'Wow, I wonder what else is in here? I had forgotten all about that!'
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