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Changing beliefs about stopping smoking

Believe you can stop smoking

Every session needs to cause a  stop smoking change belief. Many people want to stop smoking but are convinced that they won't be able to. In most cases it is this belief that stops people stopping. If they believe it, then they either won't try, or they will abandon their attempts to give up at the first tiny setback. This will just confirm their belief and make it stronger.

This script is aimed at altering that belief. It does it by making the person aware of other strong beliefs that they have had, and how these were changed once they realized that the belief was not true. Hypnosis is an excellent way to get people to totally change their belief in their own ability to stop smoking.


and that's because you have a strong mind... and that strong mind of yours is what is causing your problem... that strong mind of yours is holding a belief...paradox
CapabilityBut that strong mind is also going to give you the solution to your problem, because you need a strong mind to make that change... and you have a strong mind... so you can make the change...Hypnotic logic
and that is what you can have... because that strong mind of yours will not let anything stand in your way once you tell it exactly what you want.
MemoryI want you to think back... to a time long ago... when you were little... when you were a child...
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