stop smoking schoolroom metaphor


Wipe away the desire to smoke

Learning to stop smoking

Childhood memories are very powerful. This metaphor  takes the smoker back to a time when they were learning and changing, when changing was easy and normal. The blackboard metaphor links into that feeling of being in a place where you are learning things, where you are changing, and where you will be leaving to move on as you mature.

The metaphor can be used on its own, or inserted into some other stop smoking script. It suggests going back in time to a familiar schoolroom, chalking something on the blackboard, and then wiping it off. The smoker is encouraged to make a really good job of wiping away those memories of smoking. And then the smoker leaves the classroom, closes the door and locks it.


Take a deep breath now... and just allow your mind to clear...
MemoryI wonder if you can remember a time when you were much younger... regression
Maybe a teenager... when you were at school... and there was a class room....
MemoryCan you remember a particular class room?... a classroom that’s got a blackboard in it... something to write on...M
MemoryI want you to think of a time when you were in that classroom on your own... maybe it was summer time or maybe there was some other reason you were on your own... and you go to that black board.... dissociation
MemoryAnd at that blackboard you think about all the cigarettes you’ve smoked... and all the times that you have hated it... and all the times that you didn’t want to do it... priming
And can put a mark on that blackboard for every time you smoked and wanted to give up... every time you felt bad for not giving it up... =
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