Smoking Woman Power

Stop Smoking Woman Power Script

Quit smoking for Women Script


A stop smoking script designed for women. The script touches upon  the things that seemed to be associated strongly between women and smoking. It touches on the aspects of smoking that most appeal to women: friendships, socializing, family, appearance and personal power.

The script is an extended visualization including several metaphor stories. After the induction the client is led into some mysterious building in a far off place. Inside she meets a person who tells her that her life is about to change. She is then shown scenarios of her relationship to smoking. She sees herself smoking socially and turns away in disgust. Her children give her love for stopping. She visits the results of starting again and rescues herself. An ego strengthening section boosts her confidence about her appearance. Finally, she receives the gift of a power to keep her safe.


After Hypnosis Induction…
And the whole of your body is tired and heavy D
CapabilityEvery breath is taking you down and down… deeper and deeper... that's right.>Reassurance
Out of body experience
I wonder if you can imagine a place far away from here?...  a place of wide sandy beaches, sunshine, woods and trees…
And you find yourself walking along a beach...  the sea is sparkling to one side, and there is no one else around. You are walking along, and it seems like you're the only person in the world, and it's a lovely day, and you are enjoying yourself… and you are feeling so relaxed.
 ... and then you notice some footsteps in the sand.
You get curious and you follow those footsteps
Those footsteps lead you away from the beach to a path. The path goes through the trees… Twisting and turning... left and right, and right and left… and you are still feeling safe and warm, and the deeper you go the more you are filled with the wonder of this strange place. dissociation
And you come to a building. And it's all overgrown with trees and it looks of mystery
There is a big doorway, and steps leading down inside. And you go down those steps, and it takes you into that place, and inside everywhere is a feeling of calm and ease.
There are lights like torches burning, and there is a fragrance in the air.  In the middle of the room there is a large bench. The bench is covered in herbs and flowers.
And you sit on the bench. It's soft and comfortable. So comfortable you decide to lie on the bench. And as you do it is as if the bench begins to wrap around you, cradling you, supporting you.
Source of Power
 And you begin to dream. You begin to dream of someone appearing in that room.
Someone appears in that room, and says to you "you are in this secret place for a reason. You are at a special point in your life right now. You're at a point where you have started doing something well. You have begun a process of healing and changing, of remaking yourself. And as you do that, you are beginning to alter all the things around you,...  beginning to affect other people, other things.
And some people get a little alarmed at this. They begin to wonder if it will continue. They begin to wonder if they're strong enough to carry on."
capability"I am here to tell you that you are strong enough. Deep inside you there is something that is telling you that this is the turning point of your life...  That you are now balanced on a point." D
capability"You are balanced at a point where you can go in any of many directions." ambiguity
capability"You are already leaning towards one direction. You are leaning towards the direction of healing and good health, and ultimate happiness. And all it requires now, is a tiny nudge for you to keep going in that direction... to allow you to continue the good things you have started." supposition
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The rest of this script is in the collection
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Gift of Inner Power
And you find yourself back inside that room, among the torches and those fragrant plants. And you get up.
And there is a door opposite. You go towards that door. As you do you notice that is something lying on a little shelf beside the door. A little beautiful shiny thing.
And a voice your head says "Take it. That's for you, that's your reward. For choosing the right way".
You pick it up, and you take it with you. You can feel it glowing in the palm of your hand. And that glow spreads, spreads through the rest of your body, and you feel yourself easing, soothing, relaxing. And you know that as long as you have that thing you have all the power you need. That's your guarantee.
 IdentityYou are now changing for ever. There is no looking back. You have the strength and the ability and determination.D
 You are a winner. All that stuff in the past, has no relevance now. ambiguity
 You are the kind of person who can step out of that room, and it's like taking off a dirty old overcoat and throwing it aside.
Now stepping out into the sunshine. And throwing your head back and laughing out loud because life can be so good. There is so much left to play for. It's like you're stepping into another stage of your life. Different, better. And it is all there for you.
You might wonder which part you will enjoy the most.
And as you are thinking that, you can begin to think about coming back to the present. Knowing that you do have that strength... and soon, very soon, ... you feel yourself taking a deep breath. Head moving, eyelids flickering, coming back to the present, fully alert ready for the rest your day... ready to move on to the next stage. That's right.
 Welcome back.



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