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Healing Metaphor Building your New House

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Building Your New House is an extended metaphor about finding yourself and rebuilding your life.

The story starts by describing a woman who is vaguely unhappy, and really doesn't know what she wants out of life. She decides to build a new house, her perfect house, and then realizes she really doesn't know what it is that she wants.

She inspects the land that she has got and as she walks around she realizes that she could make any kind of house. But then she stumbles on to the entrance to the cellar. She goes into the cellar and explores the rooms in the cellar. Then she gets lost in those dark rooms but finds something to help her get out.

Through this process she comes to learn what it is that she actually does want in her new house. And from that she works out what it is that she wants her life to be.

It works because its imagery generates powerful but non specific suggestions, so that the client's mind can apply those suggestions to the specific situation that they in.

Design your perfect house

Validating present feelings
I wonder if I ever told you about this friend of mine?
This friend of mine had had a hard life. She wasn't really unhappy, but felt that she could have had a better upbringing...
and things had happened in her life and really she found herself in a place where she wasn't doing too well...
and she felt tied down by things... obligations and duties... and other people might have said that these obligations and duties weren't really hers, and she didn't have to do them, but she thought they were...
capabilityAnyway, this friend of mine, came to a point one day... when she just decided that she had to do something... She'd really had enough...
She was working hard but felt she was getting nowhere...
The metaphoric journey
and time moved on and she got together some money... and she bought a bit of land... and she thought 'on this land I am going to build a house'.
and she got the land and she went out to inspect it...V
and this land was derelict right now... but the land had been used many many times... there were old demolished foundations... bits of wall... broken down fences... rubble everywhere... people had lived on this land for... I don't know... hundreds of years maybe... thousands if you count the original inhabitants...Perspective
and so the land had a lot of stuff that had to be cleared away... Metaphor
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The detail of this metaphor is in the Metaphor Collection.
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