Healing Metaphor Fear of Failure

How to Escape from fearfulness all the time

More things fail from fear than from trying

Fear of Failure Building Facade

A metaphor to end fear of failure, fear of rejection

Fear of failure can be cured by hypnotherapy, just like any other fear. Fear of rejection, fear of success, social anxiety, procrastination are all fears that can be ended by hypnosis. Fear of failure can stop you doing what you want.

Fear of failure can feel like being up against a wall, like being trapped with no way out. But that fear exists only in your mind, and so can be removed with hypnosis.


End Fear of Failure

This metaphor visualization leads  you to a situation where you feel trapped, walled in, no escape. It creates an internal image that leads you into a  feeling you are familiar with. This causes you unconscious mind to connect to that deep feeling. Your Fear of Failure.

It is a feeling you have been carrying for a long time. And you thought you would never be rid of it. But then you find a resource, a tiny thing that allows you deal with one particular bit of it. Dealing with that bit lets you move on the next bit.

And eventually, you find your way out of the fear,  and destroy the memories keeping you prisoner.  The Fear of Failure metaphor uses NLP techniques, hypnotic suggestion, and visualization to release old fears and let you free to succeed.

Extract from the Fear of Failure Metaphor

Take a deep breath... and let it go... just relax...
Loosen your shoulders... lift your arms and drop them... raise your legs slightly and relax them... just get all the tension out of your muscles...Muscle relaxation
Take another breath... and let it go... and really relax...
One more breath... this time as you breath out... Slowly close your eyes...
Now breathe normally for a few moments... think about how your arms and legs feel... become aware of the weight of your body...Give them time to settle down
Now slowly open your eyes and then close them as you breathe out... and allow your body to relax even more...Fractionation
MemoryI wonder if you can imagine being in a remote small town far away from here... it's late afternoon...you feel the fierce sun beating down... you feel hot and tired...V
You find yourself in a long silent street somewhere... an empty street... quiet...
You walk along and dust rises from the ground under your feet... the place smells old, neglected, run down...
you look around... on each side are buildings... ...closed and silent, blank windows... watching... banks, shops, stores, offices... some have names above the doors, some have no identity...M
there is no one around...the whole place feels deserted... abandoned...lost...
ahead is a large solid building like a town hall... some kind of official building, maybe...blocking your way...
behind you the road stretches back to a featureless empty land... V
A wind blows dust up the street... your mouth feels dry... you turn to the left... then to the right... everywhere you are hemmed in by buildings...you can't go left... you can't go right... you can't go ahead... K
Memoryyou stop and wonder how you got here... so far from where you wanted to be... so different from what you hoped for... everything seems empty and barren... the buildings seem to be pressing in... there is no way out...
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