flea market metaphor script


Hypnotherapy to let go of the past

Flea Market metaphor script

Let go of all the stuff you have been carrying around for years

A Flea Market Metaphor Script to stop holding on to the past. Lets you get rid of old feelings, old memories and negative thoughts about the past. This script gives you the chance to clear it out for good. It uses a visualization of going to a market place, getting a stall, and selling off all the old feelings that bother you.

This is a chance to change your life. Clear out all the clutter from your mind. Learn to forget bad experiences and replace them with a bright new future.

This metaphor hypnosis script works by getting your unconscious to accept that things can change by linking the change to a familiar activity, selling from an outdoor market stall.


Flea Market MetaphorV
And I wonder if you can imagine going on a journey somewhere...
and you are going on a journey through some strange places...M
and as you go along... you see lots and lots of people.... going in the same direction....V
and you go along... and you find yourself in a large open space... and all the people are streaming in.. and there is a feeling of excitement... anticipation... fun... and there's music playing.... the smell of food.... there are people exhibiting things... there are demonstrations going on... strange stuff you have never seen before....VNew and strange and exciting
and there are stalls set out.... tables with signs on them... things to buy... people are selling and laughing... shouting out... trying to get people to buy things...set up the market visualization
and everywhere people are walking.... swirling... kids running around with balloons... and there are people shouting... everything is busy...
Laying out all the old stuffM
and you walk along... and you are walking past these stalls...
and to your surprise... someone steps in front of you...
and smiles... and says 'I'm so pleased to see you.... We've been waiting for you... everything is ready...'Magic person
and you wonder what is going on...
and the person turns and you follow them.... and they take you to a part of the market... that is different from the rest...New place
and there there are four stalls laid out... and there is all kinds of stuff on those stalls... on those four tables... laid out for sale...
 memoryand you recognize them... it's all your stuff... it's stuff you have wanted to get rid of for years.... and it is all laid out there for you...
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[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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