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Parts Therapy Metaphor Meadow

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Parts Therapy Metaphor

This metaphor is a story that has elements of induction, relaxation and therapy. You invited to imagine an old garden. The garden has many paths. This is a metaphor for your unconscious mind. Then the path leads to a mysterious door. The door is the entry into your unconscious.

Once there, you meet your own controlling part. That part has a smaller part that has changed and ready to leave. The listener is then able to let that part go safely. There is an opportunity for further interaction with your  unconscious and then you go back through the door.

The metaphor allows you let go of parts of you that are no longer needed. Most people report that when they get to the meadow the old person is already holding a part of them that they know they need to let go. Sending it floating on the river frees them.

Parts Therapy Metaphor Moving on Meadow

I wonder if you can close your eyes and imagine a place far away from here?

You can get to it by going down an old road. That old road takes you into what used to be the garden of a big country house. The garden is all overgrown now but is filled with paths that go here and there. It's a place where a lot of people go to relax.

Just thinking about walking along one of those paths and that old garden can be enough to make you relax completely.

And when you relax completely, you will find that one of those paths takes you to the far end of the garden. A high wall runs along the whole of one side. And in that wall, there is a gate, more like a door. And you can open that door and step through.

And you find yourself in a green meadow. The meadow is lush with wildflowers and runs gently down to a river. And in that meadow is a large tree. A really old tree, with twisted branches and great deep roots.

And under the tree someone is sitting there. Someone from your family, from a very long time ago.

Near the tree there is a building, but it's hard to call it a building really. It's more like a tiny cottage, or a cabin, quite primitive.  And in that building are kept all the parts of you. Every part of you is there.

And the job of that old person, a job that they've taken on willingly, is to look after all those parts. And every now and then a part comes out. A part that is ready to change.

You can see that the old person is holding a part for you. The old person takes that part, holds it, loves it, allows it to finish changing. Because it is a part of you. when that part is ready to move on, it comes out and the old person just accepts it, holds it until you come to get it.

And you can go across and gather up that part that is ready to move on. You take it down to the river at the end of the meadow. At the edge of the river there are little vessels tied up, in all different sizes. Some of them are little boats, and some of them are little more than baskets that will float. You can reach them easily.

Now you take that part that has changed, ready to let go, and you put the part in one of those little floating vessels.  You untie it and the vessel with the part begins to drift down the stream. As it gets to the middle of the stream it picks up speed and that part just disappears.

You turn round, and go back up to the tree. As a thank you to that old person you spend a little time with them and sometimes they have something to show you.

And then you make your way back to that door in the wall and you close behind you. You can spend as long as you want in that old garden again until it's time to leave.

You can go back and find that old road anytime you want. Whenever it's time for a part of you to change and move on, you will know when it's time to go back.



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