inner child spiritual healing

Inner Child Therapy

Right the childhood wrongs that created an unhappy adult

Inner Child Therapy clears childhood trauma

Inner child therapy contacts your deepest inner feelings and allows them to come out safely. Most problems of adult behavior can be traced to problems in childhood. Children are easily hurt emotionally.

The child is totally dependent on adults and looks to them for love and support. If that is not given then the child forms beliefs about not being good enough, not being lovable, or having to do things to earn love. We all have an inner child, and if that child is unhappy then we are unhappy too, and nothing will seem right until that inner child is released from the prison inside us.

This exercise allows you to get in touch with your own inner child. It focuses on the feeling you had as a child, and how you were treated, how you felt, how you thought about yourself.

The script instructs the listener to contact their own inner feelings by imagining the letter they would write to their younger self, telling the inner child how they feel about that child and how it was treated. Then the person imagines what the child would write back. The inner child is welcomed and invited to leave that place and to take their rightful place in the heart where the child belongs. A powerful and emotional way to right the things that went wrong in childhood.


1. Form an image of yourself as a child
MemoryIf you have a photograph of yourself before five or six, get it out. Notice how small and innocent you were. If you don’t have a photograph then try to remember what you can about what things were like before you went to school.
2. Get a clear image of what life should be like for a childExpectation
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 [The rest of this script is available in the Collection ]  
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And now become your grownup self again... and look at that little girl... know that you have reclaimed her... feel the sense of that home coming.... that little girl is welcomed, loved and will never be alone again.... and then walk out of that house... lead that little girl past the garden ... out into the street.... past your school.... past the teenage you.... and walk into an adult memory of feeling wanted and loved... and let that fill you.... make it grow.... as you do become aware of where you are and return to the present.... Reframe



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