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Relaxation Island Hypnosis Metaphor

Relaxing Metaphor Hypnosis Drift away


The Relaxation Island Script is a visualization based upon relaxing on a tropical beach somewhere. Hypnotic language puts the listener into a state of deep, deep relaxation. The script guide you to a perfect place in your mind. A place where you can relax totally and enjoy feelings of peace and calm and letting go of all stress.

The Relaxation Island script uses a series of metaphors that build upon each other and are intertwined with each other. The visualisation guides you along the beach and into warm safe water where your worries are washed away by a limpid blue sea.

Doing this relaxation exercise will help you to calm a racing mind and put aside all your day-to-day worries. The script is as good as a holiday.



Hypnosis relaxation Induction

MemoryI wonder if you can imagine lying on a soft cushion... on a warm day... with nothing to do... maybe on vacation somewhere... or in a favourite place...VDissociation
Memoryor even in a warm bath in a hot steamy room...V
and as you lie there... relaxed, breathing gently in and out. Nothing to think about... nothing to do... just letting go...IPacing
you can close those eyes and imagine it if you want to imagine... arms and legs... comfortable... floppy... your head supported... eyes closed...Sensory
eyes relaxing, face smoothing, muscles easing and softening. A feeling, a heaviness in your arms and legs...muscle relaxation
as if they are sinking down into the cushion. And then a feeling of floating... held safely and securely. As if you were sinking down and down into a wonderful soft luxurious bed...
totally relaxed... just letting go... allowing your thoughts to drift away.  Nothing to do... nothing to think about... just enjoying that relaxation...
and as you relax every breath relaxes you more... as your mind drifts deeper. And you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of drifting down ...>

Hypnotic relaxation of racing thoughts

And maybe you can imagine an island... far away... summer... warm... soft light... gently breeze...V
and there is the smell of the sea... and maybe a smell of spices and strange ingredients...Smells
or a feeling of being rocked gently... as if you are on a boat... tied near the shore...Memory of rocking
and down below... multitudes of bright coloured fish darting this way and that... a smooth sandy bottom...VFISH Metaphor
the water is waist high... warm and clear...Safety!
and watching those fish... you notice that at first they are like thoughts... darting here and there... at first... shooting off suddenly in any direction...M
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