Public Committment

Public Commitment to Change

Make a change and stick to it

How to break old habits

Most advice for making changes tells you make to Public Commitment to Change. This script does the same thing in trance.

Public Commitment to Change is a short script you insert into your hypnotherapy session. It acts to reinforce your other suggestions. It gets the client to visualize making a public commitment to change. Doing it publicly lets them be proud of their decision to change, and to commit to change in front of others.

By making a public declaration that the change has been made, there is no going back. In addition, you suggest to the client by doing that public declaration they have now been given something new, some subconscious power. That new power is what will now guarantee their ability to change.


 And you are walking along... and you come to this small building... an old fashioned looking building... and it's got like carvings on the outside.. and different colors... strange place = power center
 and you just feel compelled to go inside...  
 and you go inside that building... and at first you can't see anything... it's all dark ...Mpast inability
 and then, as your eyes adjust, you realize that it is much bigger than it looks on the outside...  
 and you realize there are people in there ... hundreds... maybe thousands of people... and they are all sitting there in rows... and you look back... as far as you can see... there are all these people stretching back... look back = history
 and right in the front... there is a chair... a big chair... like a throne or something like that... and there is a figure sitting in that... authority figure
 and all the people are looking at you... and you look back at them... and you wonder what to do... exposure
 You look around... and then it comes to you... why you are there... then you realize that you brought something in with you ... you can feel something changing inside... you can feel a strength growing in you...  
 and you stand up... and you say in a loud clear voice... I have come here today to tell you ... all of you... all the way back there... that as of today...  
CapabilityI am taking control of my life...Iquote
 . . . . . . . .  
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 The rest of the script is in the Clinical collection  
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