fear of traveling phobia

Fear of Travelling Phobia

Hypnosis Script: Fear of Falling

Fear of Traveling Script

This client had a fear of traveling phobia. He got it on a ferry or a plane. What he feared was not the actual travelling, but the sensation of dropping as the ship went over a wave, or the plane hit turbulence. 
He could go on the ferry, in fact he had to frequently, but he felt sick every minute he was aboard, and anxious for days before. The idea of things dropping from under him was terrifying. This script shows how parts therapy can be used in hypnosis, and how to use physical metaphors in hypnosis.


IdentityI think there's a part of you... that for such a long time...that has been longing to be rid of that fear... and I think that there is part of you that knows that that fear was useful... it did good for you... but now it is time for it to be retrained... it is time for it to change into something else...
MemoryI think you will be surprised by the fact that you already know how to do that... that there have been time in your life... when you did give up control and you enjoyed it... and you just felt... well... ordinary... you just felt the way you should feel... and then that particular trance comes back again... and that fear comes across...
and you know, that fear is trying to do something for you... trying to keep you safe... it's trying to protect you in some way...Reframe
And so, Carl, I am going to talk to you about some ideas... that you may find interesting... you may be want to think about
Identityand these ideas have to do with the different parts of you...
Capabilityand it can be a very rewarding experience to discover that you have been aware all along of the real reason why you have this fear... and that fear seemed so strong and so overpowering... but it is now the case that that other part of you ... that part of you that wants to be rid of it... is now able to overcome that fear... that part of you that wants to be rid of it... I think that you can feel it growing... changing...
I think you can feel that old part becoming weak and dull and darkening... like a lamp flickering before it goes out....DMetaphor
and you have no need or desire to be fearful at sudden changes any more...D
IdentityAnd part of you maybe knows that it will be easy to change... that change can be instant... change will be irreversible... and really you like change... you know you like change... so many things have changed for good... and that part of you versus the part that has the fear... the part that wants to change will easily win... because you are stronger than any fear created by your own mind...>Reframe change
Capabilityyou have already demonstrated with your eye muscle control that you can control every part of yourself even if you aren't aware of how you are doing it...
Behaviourand you can now empower that part that wants to be rid of the fear...
Behaviour...to just get rid of the fear...D
BehaviourThe fear was useful... at a time... but that time is long gone... the time now is for you to give it up... just let it go...D
BehaviourYou have continued to be fearful... but really it is more like a habit... and from this moment forward, you will be aware of when that old feeling just begins to start...DReframe
Capabilityand you will be able to extinguish it instantly, the way people stub out a cigarette... just press it down and crush it...and it will go out... and there will be nothing left but the ashes of that old fear that you can just sweep awayDAction Metaphor
Capabilityand you can go forward and have whatever you want now>
I think you have become a little bored with that... I think you realise... I think the fear realises... that it is time to grow up... it is time to be rid of it... and all the negative and painful consequences it had...D
And I think you have already started the process of getting rid of that fear...Bind
Capabilityand you will find that getting rid of it will be easy... it will be effortless.. there will be no struggle...D
the same way you can take your foot off the brake on a car and the car will just start to roll forward... and I think you will feel your change accelerating...Metaphor
and you might get giddy with excitement at the change... and you can look forward to it... and you can enjoy that feeling of not being in control... because not being in control is a kind of control...Reframing
and maybe you have driven an automatic car, or you know someone who does and you know that you just take you foot off the brake and the car goes forward on its own. And that's not being under control... you don't have to change the gears...and some people find that a little disconcerting to start with, and they say 'Oh, I don't have control...' and you know I don't think anyone has ever driven an automatic car and gone back to a geared car again... because it is so tiring having to be in control all the time... having to change gears and push the clutch... to think about what is coming up and whether you are going to have to use this gear or that gear or whatever...Metaphor
MemoryIt is so much easier to just allow yourself to forget about those things... forget about that old way of doing things.. and in a modern car... you just press the accelerator and everything else is taken care of...you can go wherever you want to go ... you can do whatever you want to do... in that kind of car.. and it just...goes forward.I
MemoryAnd sure you have control through the brake... you don't need anything else... and all the rest is taken care of unconsciously... and people who are used to driving geared cars... well you know, in a day or two they forget all about the clutch and the gears and so on... and they realise that giving up control is a way of getting more control... of being in control... and as that car goes round corners and up and down... they are safely strapped in the seat... and you can go wherever you want to go... and it is such relief not to have to worry about every little thing... not to be anticipating what gear do I need to go into when I go into this hill, you just have press the accelerator and all the rest is taken care of by that other part.
And I want you now, to go deep inside your own mind, and as you go deeper with every breath, I wonder how deeply you can in the next minute... experience that part of you... that I will call your unconscious fear, although you may know it as something else... the thing that has been responsible for your problems... for your worries...
and it is all wrapped up with this feeling of fear of being touched at the waist... or tickled... or when you got bounced up and down... that's what it is about....Specific to this client
And that thing has been responsible for your problems... and you can address them today... you can address that fear directly... it might seem a strange thing to do... but it is part of you...and so you have control... and part of you already knows you have control ... and it has really just been a fear of the fear... that has allowed that other part to keep going.Mind reading
And perhaps you can ask your unconscious now, to show you that it is willing to allow you talk to that fear... to address it... deal with it... and you can ask your subconscious to move a finger or a thumb to let you know that you can go on... and be safe and secure... and make the changes that you need to make... just focus on your hands... and a finger or thumb will start to move and you can go on...Talking directly to the unconscious
[finger moves]
That's good... that's right... I see that... your subconscious has signaled...
And you know, this change that you are making... it's a very private thing... no one needs to know... and you can... be aware of how you can make that change... and still be safe... and still keep everything working the way it should do...Safety
and maybe you can imagine a whole load of compasses... and all the needles are pointing in one direction now.. and how once they are all lined up... everything just works together... the way it should beMetaphor for travel
CapabilityAnd I don't know how you will understand that fear part of you... the part that believes you need to be anxious and in control... or what special language will allow you to deal with it... speak with it perhaps... communicate somehow... and I don't know what particular methods you will use to make sure the whole of you stays safe while you are dealing with this... but you will find it... you will know the right way to do it... because you know you can....
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[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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