Ending a relationship

Ending a relationship

Ending Relationship Breakup Betrayal Broken promises

Ending Relationship

Leaving someone, an abusive relationship, lost dreams. It is often hard to leave someone and move on. Ending a relationship can be difficult and painful. This hypnosis script is a metaphor for leaving behind something broken - a marriage, a relationship, a dream that never really worked out.

People often need to be helped to leave a relationship behind, to make a fresh start.

This script uses a hypnotic induction and then an extended metaphor of an old house that no longer holds the warmth it used to. The person identifies with the house and then takes leave of it, sees that it is time to move on, to let the past go. That clears whatever meaning it used to hold.


TargetLeaving the past behindTechnique
And I wonder if you can imagine a house somewhere... a building standing on its own....VSet up the metaphor
and it looks a little sad, a little neglected... and looking closely... you can see that there is something wrong... things just don't feel right with it any more...Vimply there is a flaw
Memoryand something about that building is familiar, it's like the feeling you get when you just can't find a name you want, or there is a word right on the tip your tongue and it just won't come out...Mrelate to a common experience
MemoryAnd somehow you know this building, this house, you have memories and feelings about it...
but you can see now that there is something flawed about it... something crooked, like something that used to be good, that appears OK on the surface, but is in fact spoiled somehow...Mdeeply flawed
and this is like something else you have feelings about... that you know well... that used to be good... but is actually deeply flawed... and maybe was never right in the first place....Mrelationship metaphor
Ruleand some things, once you know they are wrong in some way, can never be repaired, can never get back to what they seemed to be at one time....Reframe
And you go up to the house... for one last look... and you look deep inside... in through the window... and you see a fire burning... a fire that was meant to warm that house...M
and you can remember lighting a fire... carefully building it up... starting the spark that ignites it... gets it going... and for a while that fire was bright and welcoming...Used to be good
But looking at it now... it is dying... flickering...M
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[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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