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Confronting Abusers

Make it Right Apology Punish abusers

Confronting abusers putting right the past

This powerful hypnotherapy script uses metaphor to get the people who have wronged you to apologize and make it right. It is about confronting abusers.

A metaphor script to show you how to let go of the past and take control of your future. The Chamber of Justice hypnotherapy metaphor is about pausing on the journey through life to become aware of how you really feel about things that happened. It is about getting social justice.

It lets you focus on what is wrong in your life and to make it right. Making it right involves becoming aware of the problem. Then getting rid of the influence of other people's behavior. And then confronting the people who have hurt you and making them apologize.


Confronting abusers
and you continue to walk along that road... only this time it is different... you feel liberated... ready for anything that may come along...D
and you come to a small building... with carvings on the outside... and you just feel compelled to go in there...IMetaphor
and inside... at first it is dark and your eyes take time to adjust... and then you realize it is much bigger than it looks from the outside... and then you see that the place is filled with people... and off to one side is a great chair... like a throne... and a figure sitting in it.... and the figure looks at you...V
memoryand says 'I am the judge.... you have been brought here today to tell your story... to make public all the things you have seen and felt... to tell about all the things that were done to you... said to you... things you witnessed... how people treated you... what you did and why...' Resource
It is time to put it all on record... to put the record straight... to tell the people that have hurt you ... how it felt... how it made you feel... how it has affected you .... your life... your behavior....
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