fear of flying

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

Hypnosis Script for Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying Hypnosis Script

Hypnosis script for Fear of Flying. Fear of Flying responds well to hypnosis. Some people are terrified of flying even though they have never flown. Other people start out as OK travelers but who become more and more afraid of flying as they continue to have to fly. This script is for that type of fear of flying.

The client was a woman in her thirties who had been flying on commercial flights for many years. She was required to travel for work purposes, and typically flew several times a month. Her first experience of flight was wonderful, flying to Victoria Island as part of university studies. Her particular worry trigger was looking at the sky and imagining bad weather on the day of flying and the noise of takeoff and landing. There is a lot imagery about animals and fields because the client grew up on a farm. You can replace this to match your own client's history.


You already have the resources
Take time and just enjoy that feeling now
CapabilityAnd when you think of the key things you do to make that happen... and how easy it was to get there... and how everything just seemed to fall into place.Looking back from the future
BehaviourThat reminds you of how you solve problems... You once had a problem long ago... about travelling...  there was a time when you had a problem with travelling...Dissociation
Memory but that is all in the past now [clientname]...D
BehaviourIn your future you travel all round the world... and you travel to Paris and Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro and other exotic places...Link to exotic destinations
Behaviourand you love travelling, you love going to new places, doing new things, seeing new people...D
CapabilityAnd you love getting on a plane... and taking off and doing these things.... because you learned how to do thisD
Future Rehearsal
MemoryAnd you can think back to the time ... when you worked in [Company Name] and you were doing a lot of flying... just like now...
MemoryAnd you had the perfect flying day.... and you remember how it was ... and an issue came up ... someplace.... could have been North Island or South Island.... you had to go there ... and you were the only person who knew how to fix it.... and that issue came up and your secretary came in and   said..."You've got to go to....." the place... And you said "Oh, great!... there are really good people there". And you began to look forward to seeing the people.... and having your meetings and your field trips... and a chance to get out of the office....
Stage 1: Notified to fly
StimulusAnd every time an issue comes up the first thing that comes into your mind is that this is another wonderful opportunity  for you to get out of the office and go and do what you really get paid to do ... make a difference for NZ's biosecurity... make a difference for the agricultural sector...IReframing
CapabilityUsing your intelligence and your ability and your training... to go out there and meet people.... change things....
BehaviourThat's the feeling you get whenever an issue comes up... a chance to get out of the office.... and to indulge your love of travellingDSensory anchor
StimulusAnd so when the secretary says "Yes, I've made a booking for you" inside you, something changes... there's a little feeling you get of "Yes!!!" "This is it". "Another one, I love travelling". "This is so good!"DSensory anchor
StimulusAnd I wonder what part of that feeling you enjoy most?ISupposition TDS
MemoryIt just makes you feel so good... reminding you of all the things you love about that part of your job....D
BehaviourAnd you carry that feeling around with you... for the whole of that day and the next day... and however long it takes.... until you are ready to go on that flight.D
Stage 2: See the ticket
BehaviourAnd you get your ticket and you look at it and you go "Yes!!!". Just seeing the ticket makes you feel so good... the anticipation gives you a tingle... and you can feel a little tingle in you now.... just thinking about it...DSensory
And you are looking forward to the flight... because you know that that flight means that you are getting out there to make a difference.>
And the flight is just.... something in the way...
Stage 3: Morning of the flight day
BehaviourAnd so... on the morning of the flight you waken up and the first thing that happens is ... even before you open your eyes... is you look forward to meeting those people... getting out there in the paddocks...and walking around and seeing the animals and the plants....
MemoryAnd you think of the time... of that first flight you ever took .... how excited you were.... and something of that same feeling comes in .... on every flight now...D
BehaviourEvery morning... just before you wake up... you wake up with a smile on your face... from ear to ear... thinking "Yeah! I get a plane today... I am going out of the office... I love travelling.D
BehaviourAnd so you open your eyes ... and you get up.... and you do whatever you normally do... and you are walking around thinking "How soon can I get to the airport?... this is really good... " and you get that familiar tingle.... right down in your stomach... and it's anticipation... that's what it is... it's this feeling of excitement... you love going to the airport... you love the whole business... of packing... and putting your stuff together and running around trying to locate your keys and whatever... seeing if you have got the right files and all this sort of stuff... that's excitement... that's what you love doing.DSensory Distortion / Reframe
CapabilityThat's what carries you through the whole morning, you feel really great about thatD
Stage 4: Leaving for the airport
BehaviourAnd as you go out.... you just glance at the sky and you think... "Hell, it doesn't matter what it's like... I'm not flying the plane..."D
MemoryAnd you can forget everything about weather Amnesia
because you know that no plane would ever take off... unless the pilot knew it was actually safe...>
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[The rest of this script is in the Clinical Scripts collection]
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