Restless Legs Sleep

Restless Legs Sleep Script Hypnosis

Stop legs twitching, jerking, thrashing around with hypnosis

End Restless Legs sleep disturbance

Restless Legs Sleep problems are caused by unreleased trauma is held in your muscles. The only way to discharge the trauma is to allow the muscles to move and finish the action they were not able to finish during the trauma event. People often suffer from sudden jerks in their legs, or other parts of their bodies when they are falling asleep or when they enter hypnosis. This is called Restless Legs syndrome. It happens because the trauma that has not been resolved is suppressed by the conscious mind. It is held in check during normal waking time. But when the conscious mind's control slips away, that trauma is recalled unconsciously, and the effect is to make the muscles twitch.

This Restless Legs Sleep script is based on a kinaesthetic approach. It works directly with the muscles to release the trauma by allow the unconscious mind to imagine easing the affected muscles. It encourages the client to let go by tensing and relaxing their own muscles.

EXTRACT FROM Restless Legs Sleep Script

memoryand as you become aware of these you can become aware of the feeling of the warmth of that water... feel the warmth on your skin... feel it penetrating your body.... going through your skin into your muscles...K 
 going deeper and deeper... easing and soothing and releasing... feel those muscles relaxing even more...  
 and then imagine something else moving among those muscles... like strong gentle fingers... like a star fish... a sea star... moving, sliding, oozing between those muscles... like strong muscular hands... visiting each part of your body...MKinesthetic
 and where there is tension.... where there is pain.... where there is a knot... or something else... that thing begins to pulse... to squeeze... and relax... to contract and release... gently massaging and manipulating... squeezing and relaxing... in exactly the right place...  
 easing those tensions... releasing the emotions stored there... letting out anger and frustration and fear and constriction and anything else being held in those muscles... and those muscles can relax now... completely...  
 and as that thing passes on... you feel release... relief... those muscles can relax now... you can test them by tensing and relaxing them... tensing and relaxing them... with tiny movement... micro movements... to make sure those muscles are clear now...  
 and that wonderful strong powerful force moves through your body... to every part of it... to every part where there is tension or pain...  
 and that gentle pulsing begins and moves on until the whole of your body is now relaxed... every part can feel at ease...  
 and in the next hours and days and weeks... you may feel that force exploring... testing... easing... releasing... working in different parts of your body as more and more things are released... and more and more feelings are uncovered there... and that tense and release movement will free up every part...  
 . . . . . . . .  
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 The rest of the script is in the Better Sleep collection  
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