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Hypnosis Stop Snoring

Stop snoring hypnosis 

Everyone snores occasionally, men snore more than women. As you get older you tend to snore more, and more loudly. About 40% of men snore to an extend that it interferes with their sleep quality.

But for some people it ruins the quality of their life. It stops them and their partner from getting a good night’s sleep. Couples often have to get separate rooms, the snoring is so loud.  Some people snore most of the night, but all sleepers can find a position where they don’t snore. The problem arises when they turn over again and the snoring starts.

Snoring is most common when you sleep on your back. It is also worse when you have taken alcohol or other relaxing drugs. Sometimes having your passages blocked by a cold or flu with cause you to snore. Snoring in itself is not usually harmful, but can lead to a dry mouth and leaves you vulnerable to throat infections. Sleep apnea, interrupted breathing, can be serious and you should consult a doctor about it.

Try sleeping on your side

Do not go to bed after excessive drinking

Reduce any excess weight

If you have a stuffy nose, try a decongestant before bedtime.

Stop Smoking - this will make your lungs better able to get oxygen.

Try changing your pillow height or shape.

Stop Snoring Hypnosis Script

The stop snoring hypnosis script works by triggering the snorer to become aware of their own snoring. Even when you are asleep, part of your mind is still aware of things around you. This is why you wake up if you think you hear someone in the house.  Or when your wife digs you in the ribs. This awareness then triggers your unconscious mind to make you move to a position where you do not snore. Over time, this becomes automatic and the sleeper will recognize when he is snoring and will change position to stop it.


Therapy part
AwarenessAnd as you are lying there, thinking about sleep and breathing gently…. Notice how easy it is to fall asleep this way…Pacing
And you drift into sleep and think about sleep… and how you are breathing… your unconscious mind… that deep part of you that never really sleeps… is open now…I
… so let that unconscious mind know now that this is how you want to be when you sleep…I
Breathing quietly… smoothly… restfully… through your nose…pacing
And become aware of how things are at the back of your mouth… how you can feel the air coming down inside… through your nose… and that feeling is so relaxing… so pleasantV
That air is passing in and out… clear and silent… soft and smooth…Pacing
And as you are enjoying lying there, breathing softly, hearing these words… you can let yourself experience an ever deeper feeling of relaxation… Each breath taking you down and down…
And as you go deeper you realize that you can be aware of how relaxing this can be… to hover on the edge of sleep… dreaming of sleeping.
And being aware of that means you know you want to be like this every time you sleep... sleeping gently on your side…
Behavior...and you are aware of the link between breathing and relaxing and sleeping.
RuleThe best sleep comes when you are breathing softly.
CapabilityAnd knowing that means that your subconscious mind is aware of what you need for good sleep…
CapabilityAnd as long as that is happening you are getting the full benefit of sleep… easily… softly … drifting in and out with the air…>
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The rest of the script is in the SLEEP COLLECTION
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Stop Snoring Hypnosis



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