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The most important thing in Hypnotherapy for IBS is to get the client to believe that their mind influences their IBS. In your pretalk get them to remember how just thinking of some horrible situation can cause their bowels to start loosening. This is proof that thinking affects their body. That is mostly what IBS is. So a different way of thinking can reverse this.

Scientific research acknowledges that hypnotherapy is the most effective treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It is not all just in the mind, but about 50% of people can get relief from IBS just by taking a placebo pill, so the influence of belief is a major factor. Hypnotherapy is very effective at changing beliefs and breaking the connection between IBS and stress.

This script uses a mixture of visualization and kinesthetic feedback. The client is encouraged to make a connection between their mind and their hands. Then the hands are used to create a connection between thinking and healing. Repeated use has been shown to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Extract from IBS Healing Hands Script

[After your normal induction]
Get comfortable now… close your eyes…  focus on your breathing…  relax
think about all the processes going on in your body right now…
I wonder how many there are?KDissociation
You know that your unconscious mind controls every internal process… everything that your body needs to do…is being done…  in a way that might seem magical to some people…Ambiguity
But is all being controlledI
CapabilityRight now, your subconscious mind is at work in every part of your body … your breathing is controlled … your heart beats… every part of your body under some control… unseen and invisible…Seeding 'control'
CapabilityAnd your digestive system… is being controlled by your unconscious mind… and it too is under your control.D
Reminder of original control
CapabilityAnd it has always been under your control. When you were born it started to work automatically.
You had some training, and the young you managed to control your digestion until you didn't have to think about it.I
MemoryAnd then something happened. Later on in life.
Later on in life, you got stress, and worries, and deadlines, and strain and things seemed to be going out of control. And that stress affected how you feel, how you function.Losing control
That stress made you ill. Affected your digestion. First just temporary. And then, it became a habit, and then it became a constant reaction.>
CapabilityBut it doesn't have to be.D
CapabilityYou can learn to control your digestion once again.D
Hand Signals Section
I would like you now to focus your attention on your hands. Become aware of those hands.
Become aware a feeling in those hands. It might be a tingle, or a warmth, or just an awareness of the hand. It might be more in the left hand, or in the right hand.Allow every possibility
And as you focus on those hands you will become aware of a need, a compulsion, to move a finger or a thumb. Or maybe the whole hand will move. Just let it happen. It may start as a tiny tremor, or more strongly.
[Wait for a movement]
CapabilityThat's right. And that movement is very important. That movement is your own mind signalling to you. This tells you that you have made a connection to the deepest part of your unconscious mind. That is your own mind telling you that it is listening, that it is ready to make the changes you want.DHypnotic Resource
MemoryNow think of what you want. Think of how you used to be in control, automatically, unthinkingly, unconsciously.VDesired state
- - - - - - - - - - -
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