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This script shows how to teach someone anxiety control. You can reduce your anxiety any time, anywhere. Knowing that you are able to let go of stress, to control how you feel moment to moment is wonderfully effective at controlling anxiety.

Anxiety makes you worry about your health. That worry can actually give your headaches, IBS, fast pulse and chest pains. Anxious people seek constant reassurance, but it doesn't help. Hypnotherapy can stop anxiety at source.

This script uses multiple inductions to make sure the client is in trance and several convincers to prove to the client that they actually are in trance. Once the client is convinced of their ability to go into trance successfully, the next step is to convince them that they can deal with whatever issues they have.

An arm lift is used as a dramatic way to illustrate the power of the mind. This embeds the idea that they do have the power to control things with their mind.

This method can be adapted for almost any type of problem but it is particularly effective for long term chronic anxiety. The results are not instantaneous but build up over time.

Other methods include relaxation, breathing and focusing.


Self Empowerment
And you are now in a state of light trance.
CapabilityYou can put yourself into this state any time you want to.D
CapabilityBecause you did this... you can encourage yourself to go into this state... you can relax totally... completely ... very deeply... any time you want... It is a gift you haveD
And all you have to do is to tension your body and let it go... focus on your breathing... repeat the word ‘One’ until it starts to lose meaning... and then imagine going down some steps... and each step takes y0u deeper and deeper.Remind of instructions
CapabilityAnd the more times you do this, the easier it gets and the quicker it gets...D
LearningAnd you can always test you are in trance by telling yourself ‘I just can’t open those eyes’ and you will be unable to open your eyes and you will know that you are in trance.
CapabilityAnd as you practice more, you will be able to do more things. You will really get control of your body. You will be able to become aware of tension in parts of your body... stress... and you will be able to relieve it...D
It all works automatically.... it is a natural and healthy response of your body...
You have always been able to do this... you always will be able to do this...
So what you have got now... is that you have got yourself into a relaxed state.... into the first level of trance...
And as you practice, you will go deeper and deeper... quicker and quicker...
LearningI want you now to recognize this state. This is the state you want to get into... this is how you know you are in trance.
LearningAnd knowing what it feels like means that you can work towards it faster and faster... and then over time you will feel yourself getting deeper and deeper until you forget about your body and you just become mind...
And at that point your own mind’s relaxation response comes in and all the anxieties disappear. All the worries are cancelled. All the stress gets wiped out. It is just like resetting your computer... everything goes back to the way it should be.
And when you do this.... all you have to do is to say to yourself before you go in.... “I am going to do this for three minutes or three hours or three seconds” whatever you want to do and when the time is up your mind will automatically bring you back to the present.
So you can do it in a meeting... you can do it when sitting quietly at home... you can do it in bed... it just gives you a lovely feeling of relaxation in your body... and that will begin to calm any anxieties. You will find that anxieties get less and less the more you do it.
And as you get more advanced you can start thinking about the source of your anxiety and something will come up and you will know the source. And that will let you change it.
Teach how to deepen
So take a deep breath now... just take a deep breath... and Haaaa....Signals topic change
And one more breath and allow your mind to clear...
That’s good.Reassurance
Now in a moment I am going to ask you to open your eyes.
You will be able to open your eyes... it will be quite difficult... but you will be able to open them... and rest of your body will be totally paralysed. You won’t be able to move anything.DConvincer
LearningBut you will be look at me and you will be able to talk and you will be able to experience what a completely relaxed body feels like.DInstructions
So now, begin to try to open those eyes. You will find it difficult, you might have to have two or three tries before those eyes will open.IConvincer
[When the eyes open] That’s right. And the rest of you is completely relaxed... completely out of it.
Tell me what you are experiencing now.
[Let them describe what they are feeling]
[Agree with with whatever they say] That’s right.
This is the state you want to aim for. You are in trance now, but you are still talking.Reinforce the experience
And as you get more experienced at this you will get two things: you will be able to go deeper and deeper, but at the same time you will be able to experience it while you are walking around doing your normal things.D
And that will combat the anxiety, because you won’t have any tension in your body.>
Anxiety is always about tension, so it will let it go.
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[The rest of this script is in the Health Collection]
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