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These Erotic Hypnosis scripts are designed to give you powerful sexual experiences. Hypnosis works on the mind, and the mind is the biggest sex organ in the body. Most of the enjoyment of sex is actually in the brain. All men and women enjoy vivid fantasies that turn them on.

The best sex is in the mind

Erotic hypnosis generates long lasting and powerful sexual reactions. Nothing can compare with erotic hypnosis sex for sheer escapist pleasure.  No physical sexual encounter can ever equal what you can imagine in your mind with erotic hypnosis. In an erotic hypnosis sexual fantasy you can be anything you want, do anything you want, experience things exactly the way you want.





Hypnosis Attraction Scripts

Erotic Hypnosis Scripts for success at parties, bars and meeting people. People are fascinated with hypnosis. If you can demonstrate hypnosis you can be the center of attention. You will always have something to talk about. You will be remembered and invited. Being noticed is how you get a circle of friends and the more people who know you the more romantic offers you will get. 

These hypnotic games are a simple and effective way to meet people. You can learn to use these to get to know more people and to boost your networking. Hypnosis can open all sorts of doors for you if you use it right.

Erotic Hypnosis Demonstration

This script lets you combine the topics of hypnosis and sex in any easy and acceptable way. Challenge anyone you are interested in, or their friends, to try a short demonstration of hypnosis. This will get everyone talking about you, and hypnosis and sensuality.

Erotic Hypnosis Party Trick

How do you get a girl to open up to you? How do you impress girls casually in a bar, or at a party? Try the  hypnosis induction sex game. This hypnosis seduction game is a lighthearted way to start meeting women and having fun. The seduction sex game is easy to learn. Impress everyone with your hypnotic powers.

Sexy Hands Erotic Demonstration hypnosis

This is another erotic hypnosis demonstration to get things going. Ask someone to hold up their hand, and then use that to put them into trace as they get more and more aroused. Can be endlessly adapted to the situation.

RTCX51 The Art of Seduction

Everyone likes art. Use this simple drawing exercise to get someone talking about their feelings to you. Based on psychology, this exercise is a way to engage anyone, singly or in a group, in exploring their ideas about sensuality and attraction.


Erotic Foreplay Scripts

These Erotic Hypnosis Foreplay Scripts show you how to use trance for sensual pleasure. Seven different hypnotic inductions to start off erotic foreplay with your partner. Even if you have never done any hypnosis before, you will be able to take her to a new place, to really open up to all possibilities.

Loving hypnosis allows couples to explore their feelings fully, without limitations. Hypnosis that leads to lingering, languid loving sensations. Find out what Erotic Hypnosis foreplay can do for your love life.

Erotic Hypnosis Sexy Massage

is a sexual foreplay game used in erotic play. This erotic massage will hypnotize your lover and give her an orgasm she will never forget. Women love hypnotic erotic touching. The sexy massage induction is very sensual, very gentle, very personal. You need to do it slowly and give her time to respond.

Erotic Lips Massage

This erotic induction for foreplay uses the stimulus of stroking and caressing her face and lips to induce a powerful sexy feeling in her. The continual stroking and soft murmuring create an atmosphere of intimacy where she feels safe to let her animal desires come out and to allow her body to experience a full sexual orgasm.

Erotic Third Eye induction

The erotic third eye script is based on tapping the third eye to create an induction. This combined with a gentle erotic touch increases sexual response. It creates a longer lasting orgasm. In an erotic induction script you keep slowly stroking... whispering suggestions... suggesting sexual feelings... most women become sexually aroused very quickly.

Indian Head Foreplay Massage

is a lovely way to relax your partner and induce foreplay to get ready for sex. Massaging the face and head is sensual and intimate. This script shows how to do an Indian head massage properly and how to combine it with an erotic hypnosis induction.

Erotic Head Massage

Hypnotize her through your finger tips. The erotic head massage foreplay script is a pleasant and effective way of getting your partner ready for sex. Simply run your fingers through her hair to start on a journey of erotic sensuality.

Erotic Relaxation Induction

Any time you and your partner are sitting close and doing nothing much is an ideal time to start an erotic foreplay session.
If the two of you are sitting together watching TV or listening to music all you have to do is to snuggle up and settle into a comfortable position.

Hypnotic Sensual

Erotic Hypnosis Scripts

Better Sex with Hypnosis

Erotic scripts to enhance your love life. These scripts allow deeper exploration of sensuality and experiment. Hypnosis can make your partner enjoy more and experience more. 

Oil massage foreplay

Use this oil massage foreplay script to increase your partner's sensuality and get ready for sex. This Sensual Oil Massage Foreplay  script shows you exactly where to touch take your partner to orgasm. It incorporates all the senses. The script uses your voice, your hands, and the senses of smell, touch and taste to create a sensational sexy foreplay game.

Improve Sex Skills

with this hypnotic therapy. Erotic hypnosis to build up your own sexual self image. Improve your physical sexual performance.

Chakra Sex Foreplay

This erotic hypnosis script is designed use the female energy centers for orgasms and better sex. Hypnotic sex is stronger and more intense. This erotic hypnosis script puts your woman into trance and turns on her sex drive with Chakra energy. The Chakra's energy centers introduce the female body to the full range of sexual energies.

BDSM Hypnosis

A fantasy designed to allow a BDSM experience based only in the mind. Convinces the person they are tied up and are experiencing various forms of bondage and pain. Very powerful.

Female Orgasm Release

A hypnosis script to use with your lover. Your words encourage and allow her to enjoy her natural orgasm response through visual and tactile stimulation. Use this script to deepen and extend orgasm. Good slow sex builds better relationships.

Release Hidden Hypnosis Commands

Sexually adventurous people often allow other people to hypnotize them. Adult hypnosis involves a lot of trust. And sometimes the hypnotist abuses that trust. The hypnotist uses your trance to implant hypnotic triggers, or seals. These are key words or phrases used to trigger a post hypnotic command. Use this script to remover all triggers, seals and hidden commands.

Erotic hypnosis scripts


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