Art Seduction Technique Erotic Psychology

Art Seduction Technique

Erotic Psychology Art: Draw out your date's feelings

Art Seduction Technique opening up Feelings and Sex

Art Seduction Technique is a non-creepy way to get a potential partner to start talking about feelings and sex. The technique is based on erotic psychology.

All you have to do is ask if they are interested in art. Ask "have you ever tried drawing anything?"  "Are you interested in finding out what you really want?" Then suggest doing a simple drawing.  You will tell them what to draw using seven easy-to-draw objects. When they are finished, you then interpret the hidden psychological meaning in their drawing. It is a great way of starting a conversation about feelings, sex and sensuality.

Using the Art Seduction Technique

Make sure you have a piece of paper and something to draw with. Then ask your partner to draw a picture.

The picture has to include a hill, a house, ... and other things. The idea is to make a picture, any kind of picture, that includes at least one of each of these elements. They can arrange the elements any way they want. But suggest that they try to find a story that links all the elements.

The picture doesn't have to be well drawn or to scale, or anything else. They can draw it like a five year old, or like Picasso. "Just draw it the way that comes naturally to you".

Give them a few minutes to draw it. Don't watch them while they are drawing, and don't offer any suggestions.

When they have finished, ask your partner to describe their picture, and what story it tells.

Opening their unconscious mind

Now comes the erotic psychology bit. Explain what each of the symbols in the drawing means.  Each of the seven elements is a psychological symbol from their unconscious mind. The overall composition reveals how your partner's mind really sees the world.

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How to use the picture

Ask your partner to start talking about the picture again, and any feelings about what it actually shows, knowing now what the symbols mean.

The symbols are often very accurate, but even if they are not, they are a great way of getting your partner to open up and explore their feelings.

Because you are asking them to comment on an object, the drawing, and not to talk about their feelings directly, people feel less threatened.

Once you start discussing the drawing, and what it might mean, it is easy to steer the conversation towards what your partner wants in a relationship, and how you can match those needs. You can also talk about how to break down barriers, and what ideas from upbringing might need to be relaxed.

Group Use of Erotic Psychology Art Seduction Technique

The Art Seduction Technique is also a fun thing to do at a party to get people talking about you. Get everyone to do a drawing. Then you get them to examine their drawing while you explain the hidden erotic psychology of the symbols. This usually sparks off a round of squeals of laughter and shock. But the point is, it gets everyone present thinking and talking about their own sexuality. You can use that opening to guide the conversation to go where you want it to.



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