Erotic Hypnosis induction

Simple Erotic Hypnosis Induction Relax together

Turn Relaxing together into Erotic Hypnosis Induction

Start Erotic Hypnosis induction foreplay any time

Imagine you and your partner are sitting close and doing nothing much.  Relaxing together is an opportunity to go into trance. That is an ideal time to start an Erotic Hypnosis induction as part of foreplay.

Imagine the two of you are sitting together watching TV or listening to music. Then all you have to do is to snuggle up to her and get into a comfortable position.

Then start saying softly something like.... 'I wonder if you can imagine lying somewhere nice, feeling relaxed like you are now....' and in a minute or two your partner will have drifted off into trance... and you can then build that into any kind of playful erotic interlude you like.

Most people will drift off into trance with just a little encouragement. You don't actually have to be touching. And it is best to have soft music rather than Heavy Metal playing, but any sort of ordinary environment will do. Try to make sure that you're not going to get interrupted by phone calls or sudden loud noises.

Set up the Erotic Hypnosis induction

Providing your partner is willing to go along with the suggestion of relaxation… You don't have to mention the word hypnosis or trance… Just persuade your partner to think of some relaxing place…

Speak softly… Kindly… Then suggest that the eyes will feel like closing… And then keep talking, suggesting things that will bring up memories of places to relax, quiet times,

you should see your partner's breathing slow down… Face relaxing… Generally slowing down and not moving… It doesn't have to be a deep trance… But when you see evidence of trance… That's when you begin to suggest that there are other feelings…

Everyone sexual desire of some sort… Everyone is open to suggestion when  relaxed… You just need to start making small, vague, suggestions… About things stirring… Opening… Feeling warm… Tingling, softening… And so on.

You can use this Erotic Hypnosis induction exactly as it is, or you can make up your own suggestions based on the basic structure. If you're new to erotic hypnosis then the Erotic Hypnosis induction is a good way to start.

Subtle Erotic Hypnosis induction

you must not suggest anything that your partner would not normally do. Erotic hypnosis is very powerful, but it needs to be used with care and respect. Start off gently just suggesting your partner feels more aroused than normal, more open to ideas, without being too specific.

Once you have used the induction several times, and you've got feedback from your partner, you can start putting in more adventurous suggestions.

Erotic Hypnosis induction Script

Erotic Relaxation Hypnotic Induction
 memoryI wonder if you can remember being someplace nice like this... feeling the warmth of a body against yours... knowing you are safe and warm and comfortable... Maybe you can remember a time like that... and let your mind go back to that time... remember those feelings of comfort and calm and peacefulness...Seed some relaxing scene
 memoryAnd now notice what it feels like to relax... let all you muscles go... think of a time when you were really relaxed... maybe it was on a beach... or lying in the grass.... or a favorite chair... soft and easy... somewhere to curl up and close your eyes... and let go of everything now...evoke a memory of relaxation
And allow yourself to experience that dreamy... contented feeling.... safe and warm and comfortable.... allow your mind to drift off into a dreamy state... where nothing matters now... nothing matters just let your mind clear and become aware of how relaxed your body can be.. Ksuggestions of drifting...
And imagine now your body... tired and heavy... and arms... tired and heavy... too heavy to move.... so relaxed and heavy... so tired... and your legs... tired and heavy as you relax even more....pace and lead muscle relaxation
And just let yourself go now.... feeling soft and lazy and comfortable... imagine you are in that place relaxing... feeling sleepy and tired... ready to snuggle and burrow down into deep soft darkness....Kkinesthetic induction
And now each gentle breath is taking you down and down.... down and down.... letting go more and more.... deeper and deeper relaxed now...Kpace with the breathing
And as you relax deeper and deeper your mind is becoming more aware of my words in a curious sort of way... each word is making your body relax... and at the same time there is a stirring in your body... deep inside you are becoming aware of a need... a desire... for deep deep intimacy... something is uncoiling... loosening.... opening up... you are feeling sensations... enjoyable sensations...K
- - - - -
- - - The rest of the Erotic Hypnosis induction is in the Erotic Hypnosis Scripts Collection - - -
- - - - -
[and then continue with sexual activity]



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