oil massage foreplay

Erotic Oil Massage Foreplay

Relaxing Massage hypnosis Foreplay

Erotic oil massage foreplay script to increase your partner's sensuality. Relaxing gets ready for sex. This sensual oil massage foreplay script shows you exactly how to please your partner. It incorporates all the senses. The script uses your voice, your hands, and the senses of smell, touch and taste to create a sensuous sexy foreplay game. Use her imagination to give her a immediate orgasm, or as the first stage for longer sexual play.

Oil massage foreplay is gentle and consensual. It lets you combine stroking and caressing with hypnotic suggestion until she is almost at orgasm.

What you do after that is up to you. Expect to get invited back. Soon.

Extract from the Oil massage foreplay Script

The Setup
Success in sensual sex depends on preparation.
Make sure the room is warm and free from drafts.
Make sure you won't be disturbed - turn off the phone, alarms, the TV, anything that is likely to distract you and break the erotic hypnotic spell.
You can use very soft instrumental music for background.
Turn the lights down, or use candles to set the mood. Make sure there are no lights shining in her eyes.
If you have them, use scented candles to create a sensuous atmosphere.
Get some baby oil or scented massage oil. If you don't have oil you can use moisturizing cream, but it is not as easy to apply. Do not use the scented oils designed for burning in lamps.
Make sure the oil is at body heat. You can stand it in some warm water before you start, or you can warm it against your body for a few minutes.
Best to have her lying on a bed or a sofa or couch where she can stretch out.
Have her stretch out naked lying on her back on an old sheet or some towels. The massage oil always spills, so do not use the regular bed coverings, and use something to protect furnishing fabrics as they can get stained with oil.
Erotic Hypnotic Induction
Are you comfortable there?Safety
[get agreement]
Are you ready for a sensual adventure?get agreement
Ok. Now close your eyes and take a deep breath. That's good.eyes closed
Now take another deep breath and really relax. Let it all go. Leave everything else to me.beginning of induction
The fantasy massage induction
And now I wonder if you can imagine a warm day somewhere. You are on vacation. You are lying in the sun. Imagine lying in the sun relaxing... on a boat... far out at sea... nothing around for miles... you are lying there sunbathing naked.... like a film star on a yacht... you are pleasantly relaxed... comfortable...
and as you feel the sun gently warming your body... you are relaxing even more... like lying on a soft fleecy cloud... with a little gentle rocking motion ... making you even more relaxed...
and as you imagine yourself on that boat... a boat drifting away... floating... gliding...V
[start dripping a few drops of oil on her belly]
you become aware of someone kneeling beside you... and a few drops of oil slowly spreading on your skin... and a hand stroking and caressing youfocus of attention
[start rubbing the oil on her stomach in long slow circles.]
and as that hand starts to circle slowly you are getting more relaxed... dreaming of being on that boat... warm and comfortable....DLink relaxation to movement
and focusing on that slow soft movement makes you feel detached... and all of your attention is drawn to following the movement of that hand... as it glides slowly softly across your skin....focus of attention
and as that hand circles round and round you can feel yourself slowly letting go.... just enjoying the sensation... nothing to think about... only the soft warm feel of that hand... smooth and gentle...>movement = relaxation
and each stroke of the hand is leading your mind away... relaxing deeper and deeper now...D
[now start rubbing one finger or thumb down her tummy, then lift it and start again at the top, over and over.]
and as you relax more... each stroke is taking you down and down... feeling that movement makes you more detached...
and every sound you hear will take you deeper and deeper...audio deepener
and every touch on your skin now takes you deeper and deeper...kinesthetic deepener
and every breath now is taking you deeper and deeper...breathing deepener
more relaxed... that's right... letting go... that's the way it's supposed to be...Reassurance
Sensual Massage Section
[drip more oil on between her breasts. Start massaging in tiny circular movements]
and now focus on the movements on your chest. Become aware of those movements... and as you become aware of those movements... you can become aware of something else... a feeling stirring deep inside you...>sensual response
[now start making the circles bigger, going over the rise of her breasts.]
Capabilityand feeling that movement on your breasts.... becoming aware of a feeling starting in your breasts... and each touch passes... that feeling grows stronger and stronger...
[start rubbing the oil around her breasts, softly rising up towards, but never touching, the nipples.]
- - - - -
- - - The rest of this script is in the Erotic Hypnosis Scripts Collection - - -
- - - - -
Reorientation section
[continue stroking and suggesting for as long she can take it... or lean your body over hers and kiss her deeply... and just see what happens... enjoy.]
When you are both done, wrap yourselves in the sheet or towels. Lie close beside her with your arms around her, you head against hers and hold her for as long as she wants.



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