Hidden Hypnosis Commands

Remove Hidden Hypnosis Commands

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Hidden Hypnosis Commands cleared with this script

Sexual adventures involve trust. Sometimes that trust is abused. The hypnotist puts hidden hypnotic commands, triggers, even seals, in place to control you after you come out. The result is that you feel that you are not yourself, and can't tell why. Some hypnotic partners design seals to make it so you can only be re-hypnotized by the same hypnotist.

Whatever methods are used and whatever is done, you are left under their control. Sometimes you originally gave permission, and sometime the hidden hypnosis commands were put there maliciously. Whatever the truth of the matter, you should not allow anything in your mind that you don't want there.

This script will remove all hidden hypnosis commands, triggers, seals, whatever. Totally cleared in one session.

Hidden Hypnosis Commands Release Script

Set up
Settle back and relax. Close your eyes. Allow your arms and legs to become heavy. Allow your breathing to settle. Notice each breath.
And as you breathe out, think to yourself three, two, one - relax.
On the next breath out, again count quietly to yourself, three, two, one - and think "relax".
Continue breathing quietly for a few more breath as you feel yourself beginning to relax.ISelf-induction
That's right, take some time to allow yourself to feel relaxed and comfortable.IDeepening
Priming the conscious mind
ExpectationToday you are going to cleanse your mind.I
BeliefYour mind is very powerful, I think you know that.DResource
CapabilityBut your mind is also something that learns and changes as you grow. It has the ability to absorb new ideas, new beliefs, different ways of understanding.
Every action, every belief has to come from somewhere.
We don't always know or remember where every one of them came from.Priming idea
Acknowledge the issue
Your mind is strong but fragile. Stable but changeable. You are who you are, but sometimes you feel like you're someone else.Empathy
And maybe sometimes, you feel that something might have lodged in your mind. Something that was put there by someone else.K
And maybe it happened by accident, or maybe it was put there deliberately. And maybe you gave permission, and maybe you didn't. Maybe you once wanted it and now you don't.All possibilities
All these things are possible.Acknowledge
Define the problem
It is possible that there is something there, like a hypnotic instruction, or a bind, or a seal, some subliminal message perhaps.
You may not even be aware of what it is at all.
CapabilityWhen these things are inserted they are designed so you cannot remove them yourself. But they can be removed.D
Maybe it's time to allow someone to help you remove it?IAssistance
DissociationAnd as you relax now, think about how good it is to know that finally, that thing will be gone.IAnticipation
Whatever it is will be gone from your mind.D
CapabilityAnd you will be in control again.D
CapabilityOnce you have decided that you want it gone, it cannot survive, nothing can prevent you from clearing it out.D
CapabilityNothing can stand up to focused determination.Iambiguity
Induction Section
CapabilityKnowing that, you can begin the process of going deep into your own mind.I
Continue breathing gently, relaxing, and think of someplace where you can relax completely. It might be on a beach, or in the country, or even just a favorite chair. It really doesn't matter.V
Then bring to mind that place where you can really let go, where you can imagine lying there, breathing gently, relaxing so much.V
And maybe you can think what it would feel like, if your arms and legs are tired and heavy now. So tired and heavy you just can't move them.K
Then imagine your whole body is tired and heavy. Tired and heavy like stone. So tired and heavy you just can't imagine moving. And that doesn't bother you at all.Reassurance
You can just enjoy that feeling of becoming detached from that body.IDissociation
And as you get that feeling maybe you can imagine some stairs. Stairs leading down. And you can go down those stairs safe and secure, warm and comfortable. And as you go down those stairs each step will make you even more comfortable even more relaxed.VCountdown induction
And going down those stairs now.
Nine, everything slowing down.
Eight, letting it all go.
Seven, nothing to do nothing to think about.
Six, down and down, more and more relaxed.
Five, deeper and deeper.
Four, mind drifting this way and that, feeling really relaxed.
Three, down and down.
Two, dreamy drowsy drifty.
And after one there's just zero. And maybe something in the center of that zero reminds you of that place where you can relax completely, where you can really let go, you have everything you need, and just drift away. Totally relaxed. Totally at ease.VLink to original visualization feeling
And from now on, every sound you hear, every word, is taking you deeper and deeper into that soft relaxing place.DDeepener
Priming and Preparation Section
CapabilityAnd in this state your mind is open to all possibilities.I
CapabilityYour mind can be open to many influences.I
CapabilityYour mind can be aware of hidden things. Your mind can become aware of blockages, can become aware of packages of instructions.I
CapabilityEmbedded suggestions, and of anything put there to prevent you finding them.All possiblitiies
BeliefIn this state of deep relaxation, your mind is at its most receptive,I
The state it was in when those unwanted instructions were first put there.Logical justification
CapabilityAnd because you are in the same state, this allows you to remove whatever should not be there.DLogica ability
CapabilityEasily and quickly.Reassurance
Life is like a cycle, never ending or beginning, like a spiral constantly turning.Main Metaphor
CapabilityAnd you can allow your mind to think of that spiral, to find your place on that spiral.V
Going down that spiral takes you deeper and deeper into the depths of your own mind.IDeepening
And when things are right, you are sliding along that spiral smoothly and easily. From time to time there are bumps and rough patches which represents the ups and downs of life.
And that's okay.Reassurance
But as you go along that spiral now you become aware that there is something really not right coming up.
There is something there that expects you to go around it, or even stop completely.Problem found
And that's not okay.Call to action
What that means is that you found something that has been placed there, and shouldn't be there.Acknowledge problem
And that's a good thing.Reassurance
CapabilityBecause that means you have found it. And if you have found it, you can remove it.DHypnotic logic
And now that you have found it, you have set off an automatic process, an intruder alarm.M
From somewhere even deeper, deeper inside your own unconscious mind, something is coming up that spiral.DNew resource
What is coming up that spiral is your own powerful protective spirit. The part of you that protects you.DResource identified
The part of you that makes you who you are. The part of you ensures that there is nothing there to harm you in your own mind.Resource described
And that part now finds that blockage. And it begins the process of removal.Resource capability
Your mind takes that blockage and begins to pull it, and squeeze it, and twist, and drag it away from that place. And as it does all the things holding it in place begin to stretch, and one by one they break, they snap like old rubber bands. And your mind detaches it from the spiral begins to bring it up towards the light.MMetaphoric change
And suddenly that thing that was hidden away, that thing that thought it was safe, begins to squirm, and scream, and realizes that it's no longer hidden and safe. Your mind takes that thing and is squeezing and stretching and twisting until it turns into like a liquid inside. And your mind rips that thing apart. And all that liquid begins to pour down. And it's like it's pouring down inside you. It's like it's all dripping, pouring, sliding, going down inside your body.MInner resource destroys the object
CapabilityAnd you are helping to wipe it away. You are wiping it down and every last drop is going down from your mind through your chest, your body, down into your legs.Action by client
And then it's like it's all pouring out through the soles of your feet. Pouring away into the earth and is lost forever.MMetaphoric removal
CapabilityAnd finally, you wipe away the last few drops and remnants. And it's gone.Object cleared
CapabilityThat powerful mind of yours has removed it from your life line.D
You have been cleansed, released, and know that you can continue on smoothly now.DDesired outcome
CapabilityAnd if you ever come across another blockage, other things that shouldn't be there, your mind will automatically sound the alarm, and the block will get removed in the same way.DPrevent it happening again
CapabilityNothing can stand up to your own powerful mind.D
CapabilityYour mind is equal to any other mind.D
CapabilityAnd from now on you will be more alert to any attempt to insert hidden instructions.D
CapabilityTrust your mind and you can explore anywhere you want, knowing that you are protected.DReassurance
And knowing that, it is time for you to come back up that spiral.M
You can now become aware that you are hearing these words. You can become aware of your arms and legs again.
And when you're ready, you can begin counting from five up to one. When you get to one you will be back in the present, fully alert, clearheaded, ready for the rest of your day.
So counting now. Five, taking a deep breath.
Four, head moving, arms moving, legs moving.
Three, getting ready for a stretch and a yawn and feeling good, mouth moving, head coming upright.
Two, eyelids flickering, almost back.
One, eyes open, fully alert, back in the present, feeling good.



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